GO HOTELS Tacloban: A Smart Lodging Choice For Travelers

I'm very particular when it comes to certain accommodations. And if you've read some of my previous lodging reviews, you'll know what usually puts me off. So I definitely felt a renewed feeling upon entering the GO HOTELS lobby in Tacloban City.

My friend and I arrived in Tacloban after a 2-hour trip from Ormoc City. We left Ormoc around 3, and was able to reach Leyte's capital by 5 PM. The trip was tiring considering that I was seated on the shuttle's side by the door. So I had the small reclining seat, without the full back rest. I had several head banging moments as I tried to catch some sleep during our travel. That's why it was so refreshing to finally arrive in Tacloban, and have such friendly faces welcome us into our new abode. 


GO Hotel's receptionists were all smiles upon greeting us. And my first impression of them was like they were flight attendants --- only that they worked on the ground. The way they spoke to me was very professional yet charming. The check-in was quite smooth as well. They just verified my details, had me sign some papers, and we were immediately handed with a room key card each. And in just a matter of minutes, Coreene and I were off to our room on the 2nd floor.


Other than the impressive, well-lit and big branding on the reception wall, GO Hotels Tacloban also provided a state-of-the-art elevator. Coreene and I actually had a bit of a moment trying to figure out how to push the right button on the lift. It didn't have the usual embossed buttons. It was more like a touch screen of sorts.


I was pretty amazed as to how the hotel was presented and decorated. We were immediately greeted with a lovely lobby that was gorgeously matched with interiors and structures in earth tones. The ceiling had these decorative circles in different colors and sizes as well. Furthermore, the wooden chairs by the hall were well-cushioned and very contemporary looking. The chairs plus the center table also complemented the entire look of the reception area.

I actually stayed here right after storing my bags inside our room. So while Coreene freshened up, I sat outside and connected to the free Wi-Fi connection (which was super fast by the way!). From there, I started answering all of my work emails. 

One more thing that was nice about the 2nd floor area was that two of its hallways were built with a pop-up garden of sorts. The green plots were definitely a sight for sore eyes, especially for someone like me who's been traveling back and forth Eastern Visayas. The gardens in the center of the halls were also provided with a natural lighting since the ceiling opens up to a transparent roof. 


The first thing that I noticed upon entering our room were the Twin Beds. The look of the whole room definitely looked like the ones posted on their website --- exquisite. I love staying in hotels. So when I got into our room, I knew that I was definitely getting my beauty sleep in this particular one. And mind you... the room was very affordable (budget at least P900 a night for a Twin Room)!

Our hotel-quality bed was cozy and was very spacious despite sleeping only one. The comforter (duvet covers) certainly kept me warm throughout the night, and the two pillows definitely had just the right softness. The other pillow was actually a memory foam, and its pillow case was a shade darker from the whole white ensemble of the bed. Nonetheless, it wasn't a big deal. I mean, as long as the sheets are clean and free of stains, and the bed and pillows are soft and aren't smelly (the ones that smell like the sheets haven't been sun-dried), then I'm all good!


The room was small, but had just the right spacing for 2-3 people. It still provided some space for walking and storing of things. We actually carried big rucksacks, and a few other stuff, which we placed on the floor --- and none of these obstructed at any time. But aside from the floor space, there were also several essentials that were provided in our room.

Our Twin Room included the following amenities:

- An individually controlled AIRCON unit with remote
- Cable-installed LCD TV (we got updated of the upcoming storm through Tacloban's local news channels)
- A reliable and fast INTERNET CONNECTION (there was Wi-Fi in our room and in the lobbies)
- Use of IN-ROOM SAFE 
- Metal HANGER POSTS mounted on the wall (where we hung our clothes for the next day)
- A WOODEN TABLE mounted on the wall (although we couldn't open it so we never got to check out the whole thing)
- A FULL BODY MIRROR that was situated near the door --- Plus mirrors on top of the bed's head boards
- Several Universal ELECTRICAL SOCKETS 


The first thing that I noticed upon entering the bathroom was the smell. I don't know what it was like, but it was definitely funky. And since I didn't bring my cologne, I had to make do with my alcohol spray to help whiff out the stench (with the help of the exhaust fan of course). I probably had to spray twice at different times. But when Coreene and I got back from dinner, we opened the bathroom again and the odor was gone. I was happy that it stayed that way until the next morning.

Of course, the pungent smell didn't ruin my bathroom impression. I actually loved the whole look of our bathing space. It had a modern fix that truly made a tired, sweaty and sticky traveler like me love the idea of showering right away! I loved the fact that the sink and the toilet had a constant supply of running water --- and that our en suite bath had an awesome hot & cold rainshower! It was a refreshing experience! But aside from all these, Coreene and I were also provided with each a fresh-smelling batch of bath towels, and a single set of soap and shampoo. 

Oh, before I forget... the bathing area also had a handheld shower. Since there was no dipper in sight (tabo in Tagalog), I used this device to wash up. Good thing that it extended far enough to the toilet area!


The only time that we called in room service was when Coreene requested for some drinking water. We were provided with a glass each just minutes from when she called in. Room service was fast indeed!


Other than the fact that GO HOTELS Tacloban was just beside Robinson's Place Mall, I also loved its convenient location. It's just 15-20 minutes away from the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport. But based on my experience, we were able to reach it in just under 15 minutes via car.

I definitely had a great experience in GO Hotels Tacloban. It was just a few minutes away from several tourist spots in the city, and was certainly a ride away from several restaurants and cafes. I also loved the fact that all sorts of transportation passes by its location. 

I really want to thank the hotel staff members that welcomed us during our short stay in Tacloban. I'm definitely choosing Go Hotels when I visit the city again. The hotel is truly worthy of commendation.

Explore & Be Free,

P.S. I wrote this as a rough draft on November 6, but wasn't able to publish it right away. Also, I haven't heard from Go Hotels Tacloban yet. I just decided to publish this post as a means of support for all the hotel staff and their families who got hit by Typhoon Yolanda. #BangonTacloban

Note: This is a sponsored stay with Go Hotels Tacloban. (Budget Biyahera) I do not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of the establishment or its owners. All views and opinions shared on this website are solely my own.

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  1. I hope you hear from the hotel soon, Mai. This is a lovely tribute to them :)

  2. I've been curious about the Lagu towels, but the other prizes are equally lovely as well, would love to win and get to try any of the them. :)

  3. I would to use it with our next summer escapades

  4. lagu beach blanket is for me.best to use for me and my kids

  5. i want the towelite sports towel, because i'm a sporty person and i will use the towel not only during games and practices but also during my adventures.
    -elaine chua, khyutee(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. If I would win one of the seven prizes, I would definitely use it during my trips! All the goodies above are helpful when traveling! :)

  7. Thank you Ms Madge. :) I really hope so..

  8. I will use the stuff during my travels as anyone of them looks really convenient to use. :)

  9. Wow, you are lucky but I can't help but be sad about what happened. But it's good you are safe :)

  10. Oh my! The falls in Biliran are truly stunning. I wish I could go there... its nice that after the storm we still have mother nature to keep us sane

  11. I will always bring those stuff when I travel, this will surely add color to my journey.

  12. I would love to win the LAGU Rosa Oscuro Beach Blanket because this will really help us a lot. :)

  13. It's good you were able to see these places in good times. I was able to visit Samar and Leyte before and they are a really clean city esp Tacloban and have also nice seafoods.

  14. just look at how beautiful it used to be!! Biliran is definitely a place to visit! :)

  15. I will surely use and bring this item whenever I have a travel .. either domestic or international .... Hope to win !!!

  16. I hope to win Lagu Blanket for my mom who's not feeling well at the moment. Happy Birthday!

  17. If I win 1 of the 7 prizes, I will definitely going to use it when we go out of town. I love to win the lagu beach towel coz it will be very useful for summer.

  18. I love these shorts dear, the quality of it are all very impressive! :) great job!!

  19. Shorts? I'm assuming you meant shots. Anyway, thank you for the compliment. These pictures are my gift to friends who got affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

  20. Hello Atty Julius! Ikaw pala yan.. so sorry, after a year pa ako nagreply sa message mo. Anyhow, mag-iisang taon na din since Yolanda.. I'm just really happy that friends, especially Tita Anita's family, friends and relatives are all okay. :) Good to know din na you know them. Her daughter, Coreene is my batchmate in UPD. :)


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