The new sharing economy: Authentic and local experiences for travellers

You probably all know how much I love food and traveling! I discovered a new collaborative website which combines my two loves. The travel platform Withlocals connects locals in Asia with travellers from all over the world. They can share their love for their culture, traveling and food, which will definitely create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for both the tourist, as well as the traveller!

Locals are able to give you a far more intense and authentic impression of their country than any tour operator or guidebook will ever be able to offer. For the locals it is really great to share their life experiences with a new friend from another culture --- and for the tourist, it will be an experience that will never be forgetten. 

You can certainly subscribe as a host when you live in one of the 7 countries that they've launched in now: Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand. Becoming a host actually offers you the opportunity to share your favourite recipe, and even meet new friends. You can also take the tourist to your favourite place in your home town or country, while earning some extra cash as well.

If you do not live in any of the countries mentioned, but happen to be a travel enthusiast like me, you can still use this platform as a tourist. Having a home-cooked dinner with an Indonesian family, going on a tour with a Malaysian local, or exploring the nature of Sri Lanka, belong to some of the endless possibilities that you will find on the website. From having a home-cooked dinner for just two hours in Thailand to exploring the country to its fullest trough --- and while doing a multiple day jungle trekking in Nepal. It is all possible.


Other companies using the principles of the sharing economy and operating in Asia are for example Airbnb, which connects people by offering their accommodation to a traveller during a trip. There's also GoMyWay, which also helps you save some money by sharing a taxi with other travellers in Singapore! All together these different companies are making a travellers life a little easier.

Explore & Be Free!

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