Eastern Visayas Tribute: Half-day tour in Biliran Island Part I.

It's been almost 4 months since I visited Eastern Visayas, particularly the areas of Tacloban, Biliran and Ormoc. Although I have friends in those cities that have been updating us of some progress from their provinces, I still couldn't digress the tragedy that has struck these precious areas late last year. I've actually contemplated about writing my visit to these cities before the Super Typhoon hit the Philippines. But for now, until these places fully recover, let me share to you the many scenic attractions that my friend and I witnessed during our 4-day backpacking trip last November 2013.


ALMERIA, being one of Biliran's well-known municipalities, is recognized for its popular waterfalls and rice terraces. Although we've only been able to see Ulan-Ulan Falls, Recoletos Falls, and Iyusan Rice Terraces.


It was a long and winding road for me, literally and figuratively. As soon as I landed at the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport that November 3 morning, my friend Coreene lead me straightaway to their pick-up truck. Soon after that, her dad drove us where the Van-Vans Tours terminal was. And after an hour of waiting for the shuttle to get filled up, we left the city of Tacloban, bound for Naval. 

After several head-banging-and-butt-numbing moments in the van, and after some zig-zag roads later, we arrived at Naval (2 1/2 hours). As soon as we got down from the vehicle, we immediately looked for a tricycle that would take us to Agta Beach Resort. Luckily, we found one who agreed to take us there for P200. 

We didn't want to waste anymore time, so we met up with one of the owners of Agta Beach Resort, Melo --- and requested to book a half-day trip around Biliran, for which he suggested to visit some of the nearby famous sites. So after checking into our room, we left the resort with him and his cousin/tour guide. It was already 1 PM at the time.


We rode the habal-habal to Almeria, which took 30 minutes. And from the jump point did we start our 30-minute trek to our first waterfalls: ULAN-ULAN.

That journey on foot was actually my first trek since I broke my 5th metatarsal last year. I didn't know that there would be rocky terrains and slippery slopes that would greet my newly healed bone. Of course, I walked the trail towards Ulan-Ulan only wearing my Ipanema Sandals. Fortunately, my handy slippers didn't fail me. But of course, wearing the right gear would've been more appropriate for this particular activity. Then again, I was caught off guard with the trek and all. I barely made it actually, given my already slow pace! But thankfully, I eventually got myself to Ulan-Ulan with a lot of help from Coreene and our guides.


I actually wanted to try the waters of Ulan-Ulan, but our guides suggested that we just take pictures of the falls. They told us that another waterscape awaited us at the summit. And true enough, we were amazed by the beauty of what we saw thereafter. But before that, here's some of my photos of Ulan-Ulan.


We did another 30-minute trek up the summit, where Recoletos Falls is located. I immediately found myself glued on the beautiful waterscape that greeted me. Man, Recoletos was gorgeous! Now, I did not dare swim its deep waters. I just relished its wonder by dipping my feet into its icy cold waters. I actually wanted to stay longer, and just lounge a bit. But the sky was dimming to a close, and we still had a long trek to go. So after 45 minutes, we started our descent from Recoletos. 


The trek back took much shorter. I guess that's what it does to you when you're already familiar with the trail that you're traversing. Anyway, our guides were able to get some fresh coconuts chopped for us so that we'd have something to drink before visiting our last site. Soon after that, we left to see IYUSAN RICE TERRACES.

Iyusan is actually my first rice terraces. So I was completely enamored by it. Hopefully, my photo gives justice to what I witnessed that lovely afternoon. The Iyusan Rice Terraces by the way is a manmade agricultural landform. It's somewhat a smaller version of the Banaue Rice Terraces.


Hire a tour guide for your treks, especially if you're not familiar with the places that you'll be exploring. Other than that, also gear up by wearing appropriate clothing. It would also be advisable to wear at least non-slip shoes or slippers, especially when slippery and rocky trails need to be traversed. You wouldn't want to slip and break a bone now, would you? Also, bring your own water for hydrating.

For an overall look on our 4D/3N itinerary and expenses, just click my TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET.

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  1. I still relish my memories spent here. The Philippines is really a gifted country. :-)

  2. Tara at libutin naman natin ang Mindanao! :P

  3. Thanks for sharing this to us and I hope that I visit Boracay this summer..^^
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