Eastern Visayas Tribute: A Half-day affair in Lake Danao, Ormoc

I haven't experienced a close encounter with any Philippine lake before. But I've seen several from afar. So I couldn't contain my excitement when we were getting ready to visit Lake Danao in Ormoc. Leyte's lagoon is said to be guitar-shaped and is of volcanic origin. What used to be called "Lake Imelda" (now called Lake Danao Natural Park) covers an area of around 148 hectares or 370 acres.

The 6 of us did a motorcycle convoy, and the whole trip took around 30 minutes. Our first stop was the Lake Danao Viewing Deck. We climbed the flight of stairs just to get a better view of the famous lagoon. It was actually my first time to see its majestic wonder. So I was all the more excited to see it up close. Now, after taking several snapshots from the deck, we soon trekked down towards the shoreline. Lake Danao looked calm and still. And its shallow waters were so clear and inviting. 


We rode our motorcycles back to the information center to get registered. We also bought chips and drinks from the nearby foodtruck store, and rented a floating cottage soon after. And by 9 am, we set sail. 

There were no rowing gears, but only a thick abaca rope that the guys pulled to get us to the middle of the lake. My friend Coreene even tried her hand at pulling the rope, and she enjoyed it despite feeling the burns on her hands afterwards.

The large body of water somehow scared me because of its unknown depth. I could barely see anything on the bottom as it was that deep. But that didn't stop the guys from diving into it. They've probably swam into the lagoon several times now, so they already know how to tread water. I actually wanted to plunge right in. But I was too much of a scaredy cat to do so. Nonetheless, the lagoon still caught me speechless. 

We spent a good 3 hours just talking, eating and taking photos. We needed to head back to Tacloban that afternoon, so we sailed right back to shore. 

After bidding Eph's family goodbye (and thanking them for their warm hospitality), we soon drove to the Food Park for lunch. After our sumptuous meal by the sea, we did a quick stopover at the bus terminal to buy some pineapples to take home; and then went straight to the Grand Tours terminal --- where we bid our friends one last time.

All in all, it was a good 2-day trip in Ormoc, as we met new friends. We left the city around 3 PM, and was on our way to our next adventure: Tacloban-bound (a few days before Super Typhoon Yolanda entered the Philippines).

For an overall look on our 4D/3N itinerary and expenses, just click my TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET.

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  1. That’s amazing experience that both of you get during your 4 hours one day tour. Palawan crocodile farm, restaurants and playgrounds are very impressive. I never had a chance to go there but through your post I thoroughly enjoy my visit to Palawan. Thanks for this interesting sharing!

  2. Feeling ko sarap mag photo shoot dyan :) Will add Lake Danao sa listahan ko... thanks Mai

  3. Korek Jeffrey! Nakakabighana talaga ang ganda ng Lake Danao! :)


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