LAKHAMBINI: The fruit of our travels and love for Philippine culture and heritage

It all came to me on a hot and humid August day, like a sudden rush of blood to the head. Finally, I had a business plan in mind that I could definitely see through in the long run --- something that I felt I'd be pursuing head on no matter what. I knew there would be a lot of risks, especially on the financial end of things. But I just knew that it was going to be worth chasing after.

Everything just came together. My love for traveling, my interest in meeting different individuals on the road and listening to their stories, discovering cultural treasures, and finding purpose in every trip that I come home from. I've always known that traveling, as one of my passions in life, would always lead me to some of the most fulfilling adventures. And exploring the Philippines, my home country, has led me to a venture that I instantly fell in love with --- LAKHAMBINI.



Lakhambini is a 100% locally produced footwear from materials to construction. 

The brand aims to be a great fit all around for both the customer and its local craftsmen. 

Made with the customers' comfort in mind, Lakhambini's specially designed arch support was borne from extensive research on women's concerns when it comes to everyday footwear. Combined with providing the most comfortable shoes, Lakhambini's second goal is to help sustain and preserve the livelihood of Filipino weavers and shoemakers as well.

The long process of weaving the textile is something that shows the country's indigenous culture, identity and creativity. By working hand-in-hand with these local artisans, the brand aims to spread their craft to a wider audience and hopefully provide them with a sustainable livelihood while helping preserve their weaving tradition.

LAKHAMBINI. Fit for your Sole.

Explore & Be Free!
Mai --- A Proud Lakhambini

MY GRATITUDE EXTENDS to our Philippine artisans, especially our weavers in Baguio, for being so devoted to their work, and for being committed to keeping our country's heritage and culture thriving. I promised myself that I would support them further, and that I would find ways to continue empowering them by helping sustain their livelihood. Here's to promoting locally made products and to finding more Philippine weavers to support!

THANK YOU also to my very considerate and nice shoe manufacturer. You were definitely a pleasant surprise! My goal is to continue working with you and your wonderful team.

THANK YOU AS WELL to my brother Choy, especially his girlfriend Cathy, for being my Photoshop and design gurus. They helped create what is now Lakhambini's awesome logo. 

THANK YOU to family, friends and sponsors who supported this venture, especially my 'Dream Team' in Baguio.

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK MY KUYA EJ, who has been with me and has been guiding me since Day 1. I couldn't have done Lakhambini without him. Despite his busy schedule, and the many 'hard situations' that loomed over him, he never once made me feel like I was a burden. He always made time. And I'm grateful for all that he's done for me.

And THANK YOU, RUBEL for being one of my inspirations. You've shown your love and support, despite us being literally oceans apart. Thank you for all the help that you've been giving me.

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