The first Green Hotel in Libis: Microtel Acropolis

It feels different when you've been to a place that you've passed by a few times, yet you never really took the time to appreciate it. That's what I felt towards Libis and nearby Eastwood City. Now, regardless of these two areas being located in Quezon City (my hometown), I still never made the time to explore much of either, as it was a far commute from where I lived. But when I was recently given a chance to stay at Microtel by Wyndham - Acropolis, I realized how much the locale has changed since the last time I was there.

Photo courtesy of Microtel

It was a quick introduction for both parties (us bloggers and the Microtel team) when we checked-in at Microtel Acropolis, Libis, as we were rushing to get to our next destination for the day: Mystery Manila. We only got to freshen up a bit before heading out again. And it was only after getting back from our day tour that I got to take photos of our room. Here's what our Queen Double Room looked like during the evening (badly missing the chiropractor-approved mattress):

Microtel Acropolis is situated across the vibrant Eastwood City --- a prime location where a "pulsating commercial and entertainment hub" is located. The Microtel property is also near several shopping malls, cinemas, banks, restaurants and clubs. You won't be able to miss the hotel, as it's situated along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C5 Road). 

If you're looking for a no-frills, back-to-basic kind of lodging --- an establishment that also prides itself as the 'first green infrastructure in the area' (utilizes environmentally sensitive equipment and ecologically friendly strategies), then you'll surely find the hotel a fitting accommodation. Microtel Acropolis, which has 84 guest rooms, is open to short and long-terms stay. So it's also perfect for those who are traveling for work (an ideal temporary living space in the city).


A whole day of exploring the different parts of Quezon City really tired us, especially since some of us didn't get enough sleep from last night (not complaining though!). So you can imagine how much I wanted to jump right on my bed and doze off for a few hours. But dinner was about to be served. Plus, I was hungry as a bear. :P So after freshening up, we went down to meet everyone at Tito Chef's --- the hotel's in-house restaurant. Tito Chef Restaurant was created by Chef Menoy Gimenez and his culinary team, which began its operations in 2012 (started as a neighborhood restaurant in BF Parañaque). 

It was also a great pleasure dining in the restaurant with Ms. Ali Makabenta (Microtel Acropolis' General Manager), as she was able to introduce to us the bestsellers that were served to us that evening. By the way, I was able to take these food shots before Earth Hour started.

TOP L-R: Spicy Kung Pao Wanton Salad, Truffled Mushroom Puree, Aussie Lamb Paella
MIDDLE L-R: Cedar Grilled Salmon, Barbecued Chicken Jambalaya, Teriyaki Glazed Grilled Chicken
BOTTOM L-R: Dulce De Leche, Nutella Sansrival, La Opera

Everything that was served to us was delectable. But there were a few that stood out, that I would love to sample again next time. The appetizer, which was the Truffled Mushroom Puree, was a winner (a mushroom mélange of shitake, oyster and porcini pureed and finished with truffle oil essence)! It was so full and flavorsome, that I didn't want to stop eating it.

I'm a big salad-person, so I found a great liking for their Spicy Kung Pao Wanton Salad as well. The greens, especially the sprouts added a nice texture to my palate. I also loved how the Siracha Vinaigrette complemented the saltiness of the crispy fried chicken wantons. 

Another favorite of mine was the Aussie Lamb Paella. I actually didn't want to cut through it at first, for fear of breaking the beauty of its construction (but I gave in a few minutes later). Anyway, the hot selection was composed of tender Lamb morsels in classic paella with chorizos and garnish. 

Now, out of all the desserts, I enjoyed the Dulce De Leche the most, which was a rich caramel swirled baked cheesecake. I'm not surprised at how delicious it was, given that it's listed as one of the top 10 best cheesecake in Manila. The citrusy aftertaste is just divine! You should definitely try it. 


The hotel also has three functions rooms, which can accommodate 20 to 50 people. You can consider booking any of these spaces for a hassle-free business meeting. 


Of course, you might want to consider staying at Microtel Acropolis when you're in the area. I'm sure that you'll appreciate the thought of getting back to your hotel right away after experiencing a long day.

Explore & Be Free! 

Microtel by Wyndham - Acropolis
E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Phone Number: +63-02-9628899

Note: This is a sponsored stay with Microtel Acropolis. (Budget Biyahera) I do not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of the establishment or its owners. All views and opinions shared on this website are solely my own.

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  1. Hey that's my city too!

    Never been to a single one of your suggestions though, I would like to drop by Mystery Manila with some friends, I tried one here called Échappe-Toi and my friends and I were held hostage in a WW2 room but managed to get out with time to spare :P

    I've always wanted to visit Ecopark, but I had no idea where it is.

  2. Uy! That sounds exciting.. I actually want to try the other rooms sa Mystery Manila :) You should try Buried Bodies when you come back sa QC. :)

    Oh, and La Mesa EcoPark is just 15 minutes away from Microtel-UP Technohub. I'm not sure how to commute there though. But I heard that you can ride an FX, then ride a tricycle that'll take you inside the gated community, where the ecopark is located. :)

  3. Hi. Gaano po katagal bago nyo natanggap ang Itinerary Receipt sa email after magbayad? Thanks po

  4. Wow! That's amazing! I love the ancestral home: the furniture, interior,. etc. The last time I visited La Mesa Dam, I was five. It's almost always the case: your very own 'hood is the one unexplored. See you soon!

  5. I've always wanted to go to Ecopark but my friends either already went there or are not interested.

    The museum is a bit pricey in my opinion though. Hope it's worth it. :)

  6. im very fond of nature, sana someday I will be able to visit the La Mesa Eco park. :D

  7. Wow! These are made from Cordillera! These are amazing I'm sure my mom would love these. Have to share it to her. Thanks for this Budget Biyahera!

  8. I am sure it is worth more than its price. It would really be great if Pinoy Instagrammers and Fashion Bloggers feature Filipino products in their #OOTD posts.

  9. I never heard the brand. Just by looking at it I am right from my guess that it's a local brand. The design is very intricate and there's an ethnic touch in it. Can this be ordered online? ~Summer

  10. Wow! ang gaganda ng design. I know where you are coming from. We are also in the sandal making business eh. Secret yan.

  11. Uy, Tay! Anong name ng sandal brand niyo po? :)

  12. Yes, these shoes can be ordered online. You may check the rest of the styles on our facebook page (

  13. Thank you, and please do! Your mom can check all of our styles at :)

  14. I see great potential on your business idol Mai. You use great quality materials and it's a homegrown product.


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