Baguio Foodspotting: Fall In-love With Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant

I've been to Baguio several times, and have passed by Te Quiero all the time (given its great location in the city). So when I stayed at Microtel Baguio for the second time, I finally got to try their Spanish offerings; and boy, was I blown away!

I’ve always been a fan of Spanish cuisine. But it was only in Te Quiero that I was able to sample the best versions of it (yet). Not only were the platings of the food creatively prepared, the taste of each dish was delectably crafted! 

The appetizing Paella, which was packed with my favorite meat and seafood toppings, was impressively placed in a stainless casserole – adding even more charm to its spice-infused aroma. It was actually a complete meal, as the soft rice was already complemented with some of the finest ingredients.

The Callos, which was soaked in spicy, red tomato sauce, was also surprisingly delicious. I’m really not a fan of the Callos (ox tripe stew). But I found myself sampling more of this dish because each piece was just tender at every bite. 

With everything that was set on the table, I too, enjoyed eating Te Quiero’s mouthwatering Tapas (savory and perfectly seasoned). I also enjoyed looking at the nicely plated food, as it was filled with buttered slices of bread and cooked potatoes. Now, as much as I don't want to admit it, but I had to get a few more slices from my friend’s plate because ours was already wiped clean. 

Now, let’s not forget the fresh garden salad (all the vegetables and fruits came straight from Benguet), as it was worthy of its own spotlight. Aside from the usual mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, olives and croutons, our raw greens were also topped with slices of fruits (oranges, apples, cherries), and drizzled with a Thousand Island dressing.

Of course, Te Quiero’s thirst-quenching Iced Tea is also worth mentioning, as it tasted like an authentic brew – not too sweet, and not too bitter. Their desserts, on the other hand, are also a refreshing treat even after a heavy meal. Their Banana Bread and Crinkles are a must-try! 

All in all, my lunch with friends at Te Quiero was memorable. Not only was their food great-tasting, the presentation of their dishes were all creatively thought-out. Moreover, the interiors were classy and vintage-inspired, and the waiters were all pleasantly nice and accommodating. It was certainly a great experience, and I can’t wait to try their other offerings the next time I’m in Baguio.

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