Budget Accommodation In Baguio: 1896 BNB

It's always been a challenge, especially for me, to look for accommodations when traveling with a big group. I've experienced this countless times, particularly when I have a certain budget and schedule to consider. Thankfully, I've found homey lodgings that cater to specific needs, just like in 1896 BNB in Baguio City.

When I was about to launch my shoe business (3 years ago), my family and I, and a few workmates traveled to Baguio to do a quick shoot for Lakhambini. Now, given my Kuya's request to have a comfy and safe space for his wife and baby, I booked 1 chamber for them, and two more - one for the boys and one for me. Good thing (and good timing), I discovered 1896 BNB. Their rates ranged from PHP1,500-1,800 per night (non-peak/regular), which was perfect for our budget for two nights. Our package also came with complimentary breakfast, which was the best deal that I could find given our many conditions. It was simply perfect!

When we stayed here 3 years ago, everyone enjoyed our mini-vacation. We liked that our package included free breakfast and that all of the rooms were clean. We also loved that the design exuded that of a log-cabin given that the wall and floors were made of wood. 

They also had a spacious parking area, as well as a location that was near several key sites in Baguio. We also enjoyed peaceful bedtimes because the area was quiet. The only thing that we didn't like about the BNB was the low water pressure. We had a hard time taking a bath because there was little supply coming in.

1896 BNB not only offered the most affordable rates (the most competitive in Baguio), they also provided rooms that had character. We found it interesting that all four chambers in the house were each named after a Philippine Hero (i.e. Rizal, Mabini, Del Pilar, Jacinto). We also loved the interiors of the room. It was as if we were staying in a log cabin but bigger.

But this was three years ago. Now, it's a different 1896 BNB.

My friends and I recently went back to Baguio. My best friend brought her whole family along, so we traveled with a total of 11 adults and 1 baby. I was tasked to look for an accommodation that could cater our number and budget, so I immediately suggested 1896 BNB. I mean, it was perfect the last time I was there. And since we were driving up north with my godson and his grandparents, I knew that our former abode in the city would suit them perfectly. But I didn't know that I was going to be disappointed later on.

I had my best friend do the room inquiries and updates, while I prepared our trip details. Despite her best efforts, she received nothing but late replies from the BNB contact person. We were already nearing the day of our trip when our stay at the inn was only finalized.

When we checked in, we noticed that a full bar was set up on the ground floor. There was loud music, along with people smoking and drinking. I suddenly felt embarrassed to have recommended the lodging. It looked and felt completely different.

We didn't like that the water situation got worse and that the noise level from the bar was loud enough to keep us awake. When I texted the owner, he replied that the sounds will be turned off by 11 PM (he wasn't even apologetic). But this didn't happen, as there was still music playing at around 2 in the morning. I was worried about my friend's family, especially for the baby. Good thing everyone in the group was still able to catch some decent sleep for the entire duration of our stay. 

Thankfully, the free breakfast satisfied our bellies. It was still the good kind - the one that I enjoyed the last time I stayed in the BNB.

If I were to go back to Baguio, I would no longer choose to stay at 1896 BNB. The addition of the bar actually ruined what was once a warm and cozy abode.

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