Budget Travel 101: Book and plan ahead!

Budget Biyahera was born after recognizing the need to share past trips that were arranged according to a specific budget while traveling with different types of people and gears. Everyone has their own financial perspective on things, whether you’re a big spender or the economically-conscious type. But as a constant wanderer, I’ve managed to keep my previous trips budget-friendly by allocating my resources. 

Budget Travel 101: Book and plan ahead! - Budget Biyahera

Budget usually means affordable or cheap. But it can also suggest the amount of money that is "available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose" like a budget of less than PHP 5,000 for future travel. This is what I do when I budget for my travels. I also coordinate and allocate my resources and costs for projection purposes.

Learning how to budget has helped me from spending beyond my means without compromising the joy, value and time in every journey that I’ve been. Want to know how I do it? You can BOOK and PLAN ahead!

A. Choose a place that you want to visit. 

B. Already set on a destination? Then book your plane or bus tickets regardless if you're traveling in a few months (I sometimes book a year early). 

C. Finally, your tickets are secured! You can now check online sources for reviews and recommendations on accommodations and tours. Make a list and then narrow down the ones with the best affordable rates. [TIP: To save on tour fees, go DIY style]. 

D. If it helps with your decision making, find a lodging that isn't too far from the sites that you'll want to explore. Once you've found the ideal place, book your accommodation. 

E. Next step: create a projection of your expenses (excel helps!). Break it down by creating an itinerary based on figures that you've gathered online (Eg. note how many meals per day, how many nights in a lodging, how much for commute fees or tour fares). Your list doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, it's okay to work around estimates as this makes for a good buffer. 

Budget Travel 101: Book and plan ahead! - Budget Biyahera - Food

F. And for the last part! Start saving for your trip by allocating a certain amount from your earnings every payday. If you need to save PHP 5,400 (USD $100) in 6 months, set aside PHP 900 every month. 

Budgeting my money for a trip helps me track how much is still needed to reach my financial goal. How about you? How do you budget for your trips? 

Let me know what other recommendations you think should be included. I'll be waiting for your suggestions!

Explore & Be Free!

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