Forty and Fabulous: An Unforgettable 8 Days in Hong Kong

November marked a significant milestone for me as I celebrated my 40th birthday in the vibrant and bustling city of Hong Kong. From indulging in mouthwatering burgers to shopping sprees and breathtaking views, each day brought a new adventure and a reason to cherish this special occasion. 

Day 1: Five Guys and a Familiar Haven 

The trip started with a delightful surprise – my first-ever visit to a Five Guys restaurant. The burgers and fries exceeded expectations, even rivaling the renowned Shake Shack. 

As the trip from the airport to the city exhausted us, we settled into the familiar surroundings of Mini Hotel Central, our go-to budget-friendly accommodation with an unbeatable city location.

Day 2: Retail Therapy and Gorgeous Rooftop Views

Embracing the shopping spirit, we explored the Citygate Outlet stores, indulging in fantastic discounts and hidden gems. For lunch, Japanese cuisine satisfied our cravings, and the evening unfolded with a delightful twist – Korean chicken enjoyed over beers with a breathtaking panoramic view from a rooftop setting.

Day 3: Ferry Rides, Shake Shack, and Shoe Hunting

Opting for a scenic change of pace, we hopped on the ferry from Central to Harbour City, relishing a quicker and more picturesque commute. The day also included a reunion with Shake Shack, a guilty pleasure we couldn't resist. Shoe shopping ensued, unveiling fantastic discounts and stylish finds.

Day 4: Birthday Bliss at Victoria Peak and Cheesecake Factory

The highlight of the trip unfolded on my birthday. We ascended Victoria Peak via the iconic tram, reveling in breathtaking views. Lunch at Fiamma was a treat, made even more special with a Tiramisu cake from the gracious Filipina manager. A nostalgic sip of Come Buy peach tea and a shopping spree in Mongkok paved the way for a Cheesecake Factory dinner, complete with a cake-blowing celebration courtesy of my husband and my thoughtful brother and sister-in-law.

Day 5: Shoe Shopping Continues

The quest for the perfect pair continued in Causeway Bay and surrounding areas, complemented by a joyride on the city's iconic tram. A joyous tram ride added a touch of nostalgia, allowing us to soak in the city's vibrant energy while ticking off items from our shopping list.

Days 6 to 8: Connecting with Family and Last-Minute Shopping

Midway through the trip, a heartwarming lunch meetup with my cousin added a familial touch to the adventure. The remaining days were also dedicated to last-minute shopping, creating lasting memories and enjoying the unique charm of Hong Kong. 

Reflecting on this eight-day journey, my 40th birthday celebration in Hong Kong was spectacular. From culinary delights to scenic vistas and the warmth of family, each moment added to the richness of the experience. As I bid farewell to this captivating city, I carried not just souvenirs but also a treasure trove of memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

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