4D/3N Travel: What to do when in BAGUIO

[Old post from May 2008] A friend of ours wanted to celebrate her birthday out of town. So just after a month from our beach getaway, we all decided to take her on a road trip up the mountains. The destination was BAGUIO. 


A day before her actual birthday. We all decided to meet at the 7-eleven store by Roces Avenue around 12 midnight. As soon as everyone arrived, we rode the first available jeep to Cubao to catch a bus trip to Baguio via Victory Liner. The ticket was around PHP450/one-way. 

The VL bus left the terminal by 3 am. It did 2 stops before reaching the city of Baguio. And we were able to reach the City of Pines by 9 am, which was just in time for our guy friend's pal to show up (a Baguio resident). She picked us up and helped us look for a place to stay in for our 4-day stay. After an hour of checking ‘available rooms’, we found Ferrioni. Even though the place was a bit expensive, we instantly booked the last available room. 


Ferionni Pension House is located in Phil-am road along Marcos Highway. The building is so visible from the road that you won’t be able to miss it. To access the place, you must go down a steep walkaway.

Since May was still part of the peak season, we were charged PHP2000 per night. We still had value for our money since our space had two bedrooms in it, a TV, a big sink and our very own kitchen. We also had a very nice and spacious bathroom that had hot water!!!! We loved the space that was provided to us but was more psyched to go around Baguio that day. So as soon as we settled in, we left and headed for SM Baguio.


It wasn’t that difficult to go around Baguio. Jeepneys were always accessible and the basic rate goes as cheap as PHP7. You'll also see taxi’s, as well as FX vehicles that charge the same rate as taxi’s do. Their flag down price starts at PHP30. 

It started to rain while we were along Session Road. So we ran to the nearest shelter that we could find. We were in luck as the building had a small restaurant that offered different cuisines, so we ate lunch there. They named the place MYOGA. And just like our Puerto Galera trip, I saw another funny word! My apologies, but they were only serving this one specific food called “MEET BALLS!”

After having a few laughs, we pulled up our umbrellas and went around to hoard some good finds in Baguio’s Ukay-Ukay spots. Good thing we were all wearing closed shoes as the roads started to fill up with mud. Anyway, we weren’t able to purchase any Ukay items. But we were able to buy meat and veggies for our first dinner in Baguio. There was a nearby wet market by Session Road called ‘the Maharlika Market’ where we got some affordable products.


After ‘food-shopping’, we went back to Ferrioni’s, where our guy friend started to prepare and cook dinner. After a hefty meal, we changed into our gimik clothes and left for Nevada Square. An FX ride from Ferrioni’s to Nevada Square only cost us about PHP60.

As soon as we arrived, I lead them straight to Nevada Square’s famous Beach House. I started to love this restaurant/bar when I went here with my family in 2007. The three instantly loved the ambiance. And since there were no other customers, we were able to pick my favorite spot. 

When you enter the Beach House, you will be able to see from your left, an elevated portion of the place. There was a ladder for you to climb up and access the space. It was more of a lounge area. It had pillows and mats for you to sit on, and a small table for you to use. It also had bamboo and shell trinkets to accentuate the space. It truly gave us a beachy-vibe. More so, when I ordered their famous Illusion Pitcher. This was Baguio’s version of the Mindoro Sling. But it tasted better, which also had a strong kick to it! After two pitchers, I felt almost knocked out! ALMOST – meaning, I could still walk with the help of my boyfriend.

The birthday girl was instantly greeted as soon as 12 midnight clocked in. We ended the night by having another round of I.P. shots before heading home. As for her, she asked to be left behind since her friends from Manila were also there at the time.


Being that it was officially the birthday girl's 21st, her boyfriend started the day by cooking breakfast for all of us. Soon after, we went to hear the mass at the Baguio Cathedral. 

As soon as we satisfied ourselves with all the vain shots (right after the mass), we walked down towards Session Road. We went Ukay shopping this time at Sky World, which was famous for its many floors of off-the-wall items! And when we grew tired of all the walking and fitting of clothes and shoes, we decided to grab some sizzling-plate meals at this Steak House by Session Road. After lunch, we visited Burnham Park and Mines View Park.

Our stay in Mines View was spectacular despite the rainy weather. We also had Strawberry Taho (first-time for us four) while checking out the scenery, and while appreciating the mountain breeze. We also enjoyed our sunflower walk by visiting the Wright Park and The Mansion. 

We were able to go around Baguio until 5 PM since the weather was starting to worsen that day. So we just decided to drop by the wet market to buy our food supply and birthday cake. Since it was a long and tiring day, we all called it a night by just staying in.


After breakfast, we took the jeep going to the Plaza. After alighting, we took a jeep that would take us to Camp John Hay. For car-less people like us, our trip to CJH was a disaster! Since the place was so big, we only had our feet to take us around, and we got lost a couple of times!

But during our stay there, we were still able to take photos from this very vintage-looking phone booth, by the Butterfly Sanctuary, by the Manor and a few by Mile-HI.

By 1 PM, we decided to bid CJH farewell. We went back to do some more shopping at Burnham Park before settling in for some late lunch. After lunch in Burnham, we headed off to get some ice cream at Mcdonald’s SM Baguio. The rain poured again, and the cold breeze was hitting us like crazy! Nonetheless, we still ate our frozen delights. 

After our rendezvous in SM Baguio, we went back to Ferrioni’s as soon as the rain stopped. We ate dinner there before heading back to Nevada Square. This time, we tried CRIB’s (located outside of NS), where we were charged a PHP100 corkage fee for our Tequila bottle. Cribs was the only bar in the area that allowed us to bring our own drink, so kudos to them!

The night was crazy, and we all got a bit drunk with all the laughter, dancing, and booze. Good thing there were FX vehicles parked right outside Nevada. We went home as soon as 1 AM hit the clock.


Our last Day in Baguio was cut short since it rained all day. We were only able to eat a quick lunch at the pension house before leaving the place. We left with our bags this time and headed off to IBAY’S to check some silver accessories. The boyfriend and I were able to buy this cute ring with a small crystal stone to it (the engraving on the ring was free). And as soon as it was finished, we headed off to Session Road. We had lunch at Chowking and went straight to the Victory Liner Terminal. We were so worried about going home since there was a storm surging (Signal #2!!) in the area. But we all took the risk of getting on the VL bus, so that we wouldn’t have to be stranded for long. Thanks to God, he gave us a safe 7-hour trip going back to Manila.

And as always, before ending any travel story, let me share to you my TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET. Hopefully all of my organizational and budgeting skills may benefit one of your future Baguio trips too! 

Explore & Be Free!

P.S. You can try reaching Ferrioni's at this number (hopefully it's still working):
29 Ferrioni Pension 30 T. Alonzo Street Standard 1500 / (074) 443 6763

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  1. the scenic view of Bagiuo is always captivating to explore even a million times. how i wish the beauty of this summer capital will be preserved and maintained for future generations to come .

  2. I hope for the same thing, Marri. Sana it doesn't get too commercialized. 

  3. Brings back memories.  Been more than 10 years since I last visited Baguio and from your photos I can say that it still is as charming as it was then. Thanks for the tour!

  4. aw, what a vacay! Baguio's been very special to me. Such a small city yet the lure of coming back has never wane.
    Have you missed the PENAGBENGA?


  5. You should definitely go back and visit! =)

  6. I haven't experienced the Penagbenga festival ever. =( I hope to do so next year, given the chance. =)

  7. never been to Baguio yet..much more the Penagbenga Fest.. ;(

  8. love baguio! But, I want to go somewhere else naman next time.

  9. tara! mag penagbenga tayo next year! =)

  10. Ako din. Hehehe!

  11. Cant wait for September! para makavisit na rin ako ng Baguio City..
    first vacation namin ng baby ko..inggit ako..
    nice photos..

  12. Why I keep of seeing Baguio related posts nowadays? Is everything heading to Baguio? :( I so envy you guys, I would love to be in Baguio 

  13. Grabe! Ang dami mong ginawa sa Baguio! :D

  14. Hi Chic! Mukha lang. Ang maganda kasi sa Baguio, most of the sites ay magkakatabi na. =)

  15. Go na this summer! Magpalamig ka muna sa Baguio. =)

  16. Hey Sheng! Malapit na ang September! Share us your Baguio escapades soon ah. =)

  17. the only thing i haven't experienced in baguio is the penagbenga festival. i used to go there because of the cold weather but it came to a point where it's not that cold anymore and traffic is terrible. not the same old baguio. so we just go to tagaytay instead to breathe some fresh air. :)

  18. I miss going to Baguio, especially now na ang init sa Manila sobra.  Mahal na pala pamasahe ngayon 

  19. Tagaytay is a great alternative, nearer pa. =) And cguro I would make an exception, and finally book my trip pag Penagbenga na ulit next year. =)

  20. Hi Levy! That was the fare back in 2008. Tumaas na din pasada at gas for other modes of transportation, so I wouldn't be surprised if tumaas na ngayon fare pa baguio.

  21. Baguio is one of our favorite destinations. I love the climate and everything in there.

  22. If Baguio was as near as Tagaytay, I would probably be frequenting the province as well. I super love Baguio. =)

  23. I miss Baguio! I haven't been there since 2007. Hopefully I'd be able to give it a visit this summer.. :D And thanks for making such an informational post! This'd really be helpful for our trip :)

  24. Thanks Sumi! Glad that you found my post of value. =)

  25. i can't remember when was the last time i visit Tagaytay...
    medyo matagal-tagal na rin. sana mapuntahan namin ulit.

  26. Hi Marri! Mukhang you stumbled on the wrong page. This post is about Baguio, not Tagaytay. =)

  27. As a native of this city, I could say that the best time to stay is the week after Panagbenga - Session Road in Bloom - there's still tons of events happening and you've got Session road closed for a week filled with stalls and people. If you're a drinker, start from the top of Session, having 1 beer per stall going down, by the time you reach Lower Session, everything is probably going to be trippy...


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