To Years Of Love And Travels: How I Met The Love Of My Life

When I decided to end an almost 3-year relationship, starting over felt like the most difficult thing to do. It took me almost a year to finally start dating again. I mean, it was the hardest thing for me to go through, knowing that I got used to being with just one person all those years. But God was kind enough to find me someone who easily took away the “dating inhibitions” out of me. 

As I was reading through a book that my Kuya gave me (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne), a lot of meaningful concepts were discussed about seeing everything on a positive note. Skeptic as I was at life at that time, I read and eventually followed each principle. And quoting from the book, “the essence of The Secret is the Law of Attraction." 

According to Byrne and the twenty-nine co-contributors whom she quoted extensively, "everything in the Universe (which is always capitalized and usually synonymous for "God") vibrates on a particular frequency. When you think in harmony with the frequency of something, you attract it to you. If you think about wealth, you will receive wealth. If you think instead about your debt, you will receive more debt. You attract what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.”

There were moments in my once-single life that made waking up in the morning feel so heavy. But when I was already on the verge of crying, I wrote down what seemed to be a list of what I wanted and needed in an ideal partner (this I got by being motivated by The Secret). I wrote continuously as all the thoughts kept pouring out of my head. And what turned out to be a form of current-emptiness became a prayer to God for contentment. I prayed to find in time, the right one. Soon after that, I immediately felt better.

I have proven to myself that God does answer prayers. And as I looked back at the unfortunate events of the past years, did I recognize a lot of Gods plans created into life. 

I never really believed in a lot of things before, and have usually settled for what’s good enough. My view of life has shaken me so much, that it almost ruined me. Furthermore, the lesson that I've learned was to NEVER EVER SETTLE FOR LESS... But in spite of my several falls, I looked upon the mistakes that I made to better my situations. And as I learned to live life once again, did I start accepting that good things do come to those who patiently wait. And as I waited, I began to see the good things slowly unfolding in front of me. I began to see the kind of love that was solely being prepared for me.

And as my love story goes, I once saw this boy’s feet through a picture. Yes, you've read it right! A picture of a boy’s feet wearing a pair of black Off-the-wall Van’s, which was posted on his private Friendster profile. This boy who was stylish enough to my liking, was friends to two of my own. 

I was actually told that he was single and nice. That was the time when I started checking his Friendster account. But since I couldn’t fully access his profile to know him better, I fished for some information from my friends --- but only a few details were gathered. And from there, I just stopped asking. 

But prior to that, our paths have unconsciously crossed already. What seemed to be a bubble, went directly in-between us --- as if God and fate didn’t want us to meet just yet. Believe it or not, we were just a few steps away from each other and yet we never noticed. Being in the same area as he was, I saw our friend and called to say hi. And as I looked around their table, I only noticed my friend’s suitor and another girl. But I was told later on that he was also there, seated across my friend’s suitor. Odd as it was, he too didn’t see me around. True enough, it wasn’t time for us to meet yet. Fate really had an odd side to it --- but truly has a clear way of making you realize the reasons in the end. 

A month after checking out his profile, I was surprised to see him view mine. It was probably out of his curiosity that urged him to send me a Friendster smile icon. And it was a week later, when I flew back from Hong Kong that I got to open his message. Since I was too wired to sleep, I answered back with a simple “Hello (stating our common friend’s name) Friend…” And the rest was history!

This boy, who turned out to be more than nice as expected, gradually grew on me. Our exchange of messages online soon became messages read through text --- then life stories heard through actual voices on the phone. Other than being straightforward, his handsome voice got me attracted more to him as well.

For months, we talked on the phone but never really made the effort to meet up in person. We knew we lived just 20 minutes away from each other, and yet the 'fate' bubble was still wandering around us. So for a moment there, I thought that he wasn’t into me. I also thought about him probably being gay since he wasn't asking me out. Even my friends thought the same. But as more conversations were made, I realized that he truly wasn’t any of the false impressions. He just didn’t want to rush things for fear of ruining a new friendship. I actually remember him saying that getting to know more of a potential partner was a prerequisite to dating. So despite the situations, we knew there would be a right moment to meet. But for the mean time, our phone conversations satisfied us. 

With his witty personality and with the way he consistently made me laugh, my interests in him grew even more each day. And my nights, he filled with remarkable stories that kept us through long hours on the phone. He was very different and I liked it. He even made waking up to mornings, brighter this time around. And he's made me look forward to even more exciting things to come. 

Unexpected as can be, fate finally popped our bubble. And we finally met one December night. Attracted to him as I already was, the anticipation of seeing him soon made me nervous. For a supposed unusual first meeting, we exchanged hello’s in-person --- as if we were buddies for so long. That moment right then, seeing the face behind all those good qualities, made me fall for him instantly.

The important qualities that I didn’t see in my past relationships, I saw in him. Remarkable as it was, I also saw parts of me in him too. This honest man has been a good provider, a family person, an ambitious guy, a TRAVELER (need I say more?), independent, intelligent, a gentleman, a movie-lover, loquacious, outgoing, and more.

I know I could just go on about how things between us came into place. But writing everything here will probably take forever. But on a shorter note… we ended up as a couple. 

We soon felt the compatibility in each other’s company. We also saw a blooming friendship that could last us moments of endless and meaningful conversations. AND we saw a loving relationship that could last us a lifetime.

I will never forget the list that I wrote, and the prayer that I made to God 6 years ago --- because he blessed me an answered prayer and another hope for love. Reading it once more was an astonishing surprise. Believe it or not, my ideals in a partner finally came into life… in the form of Rubel.

So to everyone who's waiting for their one true love --- never ever lose hope or faith. You'll never know... the Person of your dreams may just be around the corner. 

To Rubel my love, my life, my forever travel partner, my best friend, my everything... Happy 6th Anniversary! I LOVE YOU!

If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love." - The Holstee Manifesto

Explore, LOVE & Be Free!

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  1. Kilig! :D Napangiti ako while reading this :) I do believe that communication and sharing the same interests talaga ang important sa couples for a long lasting relationship. Happy 6th Anniversary! Conquer the World! :D

  2. You're certainly very lucky to have found each other, Mai. You look great together!

  3. Mai my friend. I am so happy for you and Rubel. Six years Mai, what can I say? Still your feelings towards him is thesame. I hear wedding bells ;) (on the date that you told me lol)

  4. aww! love it nmn! happy monthsary kuya rubel at Mai! God bless both of you! woot! woot! =)

  5. Even we only met a few times I feel that I have known for a lifetime. I am so looking forward to seeing you on your wedding day. I love you girl.

    I hope I'd get to write about my own love life story too! I hope I pray. It is free to dream.

    :-) <3

  6. So sweet and inspiring. =)

    "I wrote down what seemed to be a list of what I wanted and needed in an ideal partner." --> This is what I did, too (I even had a deadline LOL), and yes, it works! =)

    Here's to more awesome years with your love! ;-)

  7. Happy 6th anniversary you and Rubel. More lovely years to come xxx And Happy Christmas by the way !

  8. Awww.. Thank you Mica! I'm deeply touched that you felt that way about our love story. :P Anyhow, I hope to meet you in person soon. Sayang, you were somewhere else raw last Sunday (dinner at Makati with PTB peeps).. =P

  9. I know, right? :P I hear wedding bells too.. pero medyo mahina pa hahaha! And may date na ba akong sinabi sayo??? :P

  10. Thanks MJ!!! I really appreciate it. :P Mabuhay ang mga in-love! :P

  11. Awww... thanks girl! And I'm sure you'll get to write your own love story real soon.. claim it!!! Ikaw pa.. I have faith that you will find your one true love soon ;P Love ya!!! Thank you for always listening and being there for me (alam mo yan!) =P

  12. Hi Claire!!! :) I'm glad that we had this in common, the "What I look for in an ideal partner" list.. heheh! Ano pala deadline mo? :P ANd yes, more awesome years with your love as well! :P

  13. Awwww.. thank you Ms. Madge! :) And Merry Christmas to you! Hope the weather is treating you well out there. :P

  14. "I wrote down what seemed to be a list of what I wanted and needed in an ideal partner."

    Teka, magawa nga rin ito *writes down a list*

    Hahaha happy 6th anniversary to you and Rubel! ^_^

  15. Tried and tested na yan, Kaiye! :P i-the Secret mo lang. :) And thank you! :)

  16. Hahahaha! Kasalan na talaga noh! :) Thank you teh! :-* More travels your way.. ikaw pa! :P

  17. happy Anniversary guys!!! woot wooottt

    kasalan na!!!!!! <3

    more travels for 2014!


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