Dine at Apong Damian Organic Resto at Costales Nature Farms, Laguna

Get to enjoy a panoramic view of the farm from the VIP room, the BALAY JOSEPHINA, while being served with some of the most delectable, organic dishes in Majayjay, Laguna. Even if you're not vegan, Apong Damian's Organic Resto in Costales Nature Farms offers a great variety of food and drinks that will surely satisfy your appetite. For our 3-day retreat in the farm, we were served with tummy-filling meals that were healthy, tasty and picture-worthy. It was like a feast in every meal. 


Breakfast would usually consist of the following staples: 

PorkOrganics, which includes Tapa, Longanisa (garlic and sweet variation), Tocino (regular and chili), and Pork Sisig.

For drinks, we got to try their organic coffee from Negros, and their delicious "Sexy Juice". You won’t go hungry for 5 hours when you drink this liquid refreshment, as the powerhouse shake is a highly nutritious beverage made from freshly-picked vegetables, fruits and herbs (ashitaba, romaine lettuce, carrots, banana, papaya, Japanese cucumber and tarragon flavored with honey and calamansi). A glass of this yummy treat costs P140.

We also got to try their fresh Daing na Isda, Itlog na Pula with Kamatis and Sibuyas, Ensaladang Ampalaya, Ensaladang Talong, Egg Omelet, Garlic Fried Rice, and sliced Papaya for dessert.

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We also got to sample their Pinakbet, Sinampalukang Manok (a savory sauce tamarind-based soup of chicken and vegetables, P260), Deep Fried Lumpiang Gulay (vegetable roll) with honey-coco vinegar dip (P60), Pan-grilled Rosemary Pork (a pan-roasted, herb-blended pork dressed with lemon garlic butter sauce, P500), and Tilapia in Coconut Sauce (a fresh and tasty tilapia stewed in coconut milk and vinegar, flavored with turmeric and kaffir lime, P180). 


We were also served with some afternoon snacks like Tupig (an Ilokano delicacy which they made from scratch), sliced Balimbing fruits, and garden salad (a house specialty of freshly harvested vegetables composed of lettuce, Japanese cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, turnips, topped with crunchy alfalfa sprouts, cosmo edible flowers, macopa, balimbing, and dragon fruit) drizzled with homemade Asian Vinagrette. 

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We got to try some of their fresh picks like the Dragonfruit; and was able to sample their version of the Pancit Habhab (P180) and Lemongrass juice, which is an anti-hypertensive drink made from boiled lemongrass stalk, flavored with pandan extract (P80).

My friends and I also got to make our own Pizza -- The Pizza Overload, which is an oven-fresh pizza topped with smoked longganisa, chicken bits, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, mozarella cheese, cheddar cheese and arugula.

We also tried our hand in making our own pot of hot tea by tossing some fresh Spearmint and Tarragon tea leaves into a cute ceramic pot, which we flavored with honey. We also had our freshly picked Variegated Calamansi (picked straight from the farm) to be made into a juice, which was surprisingly refreshing and not too sour. We also got to taste their Turon ala mode (P75), and their Japanese Cucumber Juice, which was a refreshing vitamin-filled drink made from hand-picked Japanese cucumber, blended with honey and calamansi (P90).


Our meals at night would also consist of delicious and hearty meals, some of which were Pinakbet, fried Tilapia, Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (a sweet stir-fried chicken stewed in soy sauce herbed with Thai Basil, P350), Costales Hot Pot, and their Crispy Fried Spinach with Thousand Island dressing.

I have never experienced a farm-to-table food spread that would be that appetizingly good until we tried Apong Damian's! Truly, Costales Nature Farms surprised me with their delicious and affordable organic dishes, all of which I continue to dream and drool over up to this date! 

Explore & Be Free! 

Costales Nature Farms
Address: Costales Nature Farms Training Center, Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna, Philippines
Phone: (049) 576-3824
Email: inquiries@costalesnaturefarms.com

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