BUDGET HOTEL REVIEW: The Oasis Paco Park Hotel

You can choose the Oasis Paco Park Hotel as a lodging option in Manila if you're on a budget. It can actually be a good stopover if you're planning to explore the nearby popular sites like Rizal Park and Binondo (amongst other areas that are accessible by LRT). If you also fancy staying in a hotel that's just a short walk from Paco Park, then consider booking this place. But before you do, please read my review first.

[Due to backlogs, this is a late review.] I booked my hotel stay from January 30-31, 2016, so that I could redeem my reward points from TravelBook.ph. 

The receptionist who was on duty when I came in at 1 PM, didn't greet me right away. She did eventually look at me after I greeted her with a "hello". I just handed my booking print-out with a smile on my face, and waited for her response. Sadly, she didn't smile in return. Her behavior towards a guest like me exuded a somewhat unconcerned attitude (super odd for someone who works in the hospitality industry). I would've expected at least a smile and an accommodating tone from her, but I failed to get either. 

But there was still a good side to that check-in, and it was the bell boy who ushered me up to my room. He was nice and courteous, which were all the traits that the receptionist didn't possess. What was also nice was the two receptionists that came after the lady's shift, as they were model employees. They were always smiling and were very accommodating of our questions.

My friend and I explored Binondo that afternoon. We only came back to the hotel to rest, and later try the pool. What was alarming though were the big rats that leapt and pranced around the pool area. The sizes on those fat rodents were no joke, as they probably measured as long as a ruler! Plus, they constantly climbed the walls and ran on the roof, as if playing tag with one another. It was a bit shocking for a hotel to have these creatures coming and going when guests are outside, having their drinks and eating by the pool (disgusting visual, I know!). We weren't able to enjoy our red wine that much because our time already revolved around being on the lookout for these creepy crawlers -- constantly hoping none of them would fall on our heads or jump on our laps. 

But we loved our room nonetheless, as it was clean and cozy. The bed was firm, and the pillows were soft. Even the A/C unit was working well. We also had a good enough view of the Paco Park just right outside our window.

If there's one thing that we didn't like in our room, it was the bathroom because we weren't provided with floor mats. I was constantly worried that I would slip and fall because of the wet floor. Also, the water pressure from the shower was low. We also had to wait for a minute or so before the water would be hot enough to bathe in.

But we definitely enjoyed the pool, and loved all of the staff -- the two receptionists (night and morning shift the day after), security guards, and the waitresses at Barolo Bar and My Kitchen. I would consider going back if I see major changes, especially with the bathroom and rat situation. Oh, and if they also build an elevator for hassle-free access to the top floors.

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