CabinZero Urban Camo: The stylish and quintessential traveler's backpack

I stopped using my luggage for a while now. And in those years, I’ve managed to explore with only a 55L rucksack and a sling bag in tow. But as time passed, I started to experience these intense back pains (due to a bad sitting posture at work), which eventually restrained me from having to carry heavy things on my spine. So I had no other choice but to use my trolley again. But on the upside, it gave me a reason to start looking for better bag alternatives, and eventually found CabinZero, “the suitcase on your back”. My mini, 28-liter, Urban Camo CabinZero is hardwearing, well-designed, stylish and more! What more can I ask for?

I have been a recent fan of the brand, and I fell absolutely in love with CabinZero's security features, especially with the solid shape of their bags. And since I've been practicing packing light for my trips (saves me tons on excess baggage fees!), I instantly knew that this particular backpack would be the perfect travel companion.

I recently came back from a short vacation in the UAE, and was able to use my Urban Camo while exploring the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My backpack was perfect. Even my husband loved it, as he found the design as both stylish and gender-neutral.


Given its ideal shape and proportion, I was able to breeze through the final security check in Manila without being called out for my bags size or weight. I actually tried maximizing the 7-kilo carry-on limit by bringing a bunch of essentials, but only came close to 5.8 kilos. 

  • Weight is approximately 600 grams 
  • Fits 39 x 29.5 x 20 cm (maximum dimensions 55 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Height (21.7 inches) x Length (15.7 inches) x Width (8 inches

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Despite loading the bag with a lot of items, the weight was evenly distributed on my back -- a clear advantage compared to wearing shoulder or sling bags (where the weight is only placed on one side of the body). So you can imagine how much this helped with my back condition.

CabinZero's bags are airline approved, so it fits the majority of airlines' carry-on dimensions (list of major airlines with corresponding bag dimensions).


The classy and trendy design of my Urban Camo was already a thing of beauty. But having a bunch of security features constructed in the bag just blew me away. I, for one, am very cautious when it comes to keeping my stuff from being stolen. So it helped that CabinZero created ways to keep their bags protected at all costs, like putting ‘Kissing Zippers’, which came with a lockable main compartment. I was able to put a separate lock on these zippers, which kept my valuables extra safe while inside the airplane cabin.

But that’s not all! CabinZero also integrated an added security feature called OKOBAN. With this element, you’ll never lose your bag again! Okoban is a free global registration and notification service for luggage and other properties. It abides by global airline standards, and also functions as a global tracker tag. With this safety component attached on the knapsack, you will be able to track it using the unique code that’s etched on a metal frame (mine is located on the upper right side of the bag). But of course, for the tracker to work, I made sure to activate my registration at


My Urban Camo also came with both a top handle and a side handle. The side handle was perfect, as it enabled the bag to be carried like a suitcase, which my husband preferred. He liked that it looked manly and sturdy during transit. As for me, I liked that I could use the top handle for holding my cap or scarf in place, as I could easily pull them when need be. Of course, I also loved the fact that the shoulder straps were created with oversized, padded straps, so it didn’t scratch nor left skid marks on my skin despite the heavy load. 


It was only recently that I heard that my Urban Camo’s exterior is made out of waterproof polyester material. It might have rained a couple of days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But I wasn’t able to test the bag while it poured. But it’s nice to know that it’s water-resistant.


It’s interior is fully or partially lined using polyester, and is also made with multiple pockets with zippers. There’s even a pocket sleeve inside the bag that can fit a big plastic folder or a 13” laptop, which helped keep my documents folder safe and in place while on transit.


My Urban Camo CabinZero bag is worth £50.00 GBP or PHP3,100+. It’s also the most popular color in over 20 countries (except for Absolute Black). While mine comes in a 28-liter capacity, the same design also comes in a much bigger volume (44-liter). 

Made with the finest quality materials, CabinZero bags and luggage are ideal for the most demanding traveler. And when you purchase one, you’re guaranteed 10 years on your warranty or 25 years if you LIKE their Facebook page (free of charge!). Amazing, right?


Want to bring your own CabinZero to your future travels? Well, here’s a special offer from CabinZero and Budget Biyahera! Just enter the promo code CZBUDGETBIYAHERA at checkout (SHOP HERE), and it will automatically entitle you to a 10% discount. This promo will run for only 30 days, so make your purchase count! Believe me, having your own CabinZero is a bang for the buck!

Explore & Be Free! 

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