Reduce bulk, bring more and carry less with Kiepsky #SmarterWaysToKeep

Last year, I met an entrepreneur who created a very ingenious product. Joyy Tuazon's vision of creating such beautiful and valuable merchandise and realizing it to life has certainly helped keep a lot of my stuff more organized. Allow me to introduce Kiepsky (/kip-skē/) - a trimmed slim wallet that lets you find smarter ways to carry your essentials. 

Kiepsky launched their first line of wallets in July 2016. But the concept for its trimmed slim wallets was already brewing 6 years earlier. The team behind Kiepsky wanted to see a change in peoples 'hamburger-like' billfolds. So they decided to create a product that would solve this problem by designing a wallet that eliminates the bulky, leather layers to maximize its storage space. 

With the consumer's needs in mind, Kiepsky (arising from the word 'keep') was created to offer a slim and classy yet functional product that was for keeps. They wanted to offer a traditional design while adding modern features to it, and eventually came up with their first line of products - The SlimTrim series.


Having my SlimTrim, Burnt Tan wallet is life-changing, especially for someone like me who 'needs' to bring all of my cards - even the ones that I rarely use (you'll never know when they could come in handy) - while carrying cash. I used to be one of those who had a 'hamburger-like' billfold. So it was refreshing to see Kiepsky deliver all of my needs in a purse and more. Imagine a bunch of essentials stored together in a wallet while keeping your pocket looking sleek as heck. Amazing, right?


Kiepsky's products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty while integrating the following features:

• 105mm x 88mm
• Premium, Naturally-Tanned Leather
• Slot for 4–12+ Cards
• Full-Size Paper Bill Section and Hidden Card Pouch
• 4 Easy Access Slots and a Pull Card Tab Slot for infrequently-used cards
• Micro-SIM Card Pocket
• SIM Card Ejector Tool Pocket
• Spare Key Pocket

Another great thing about this company is their core values. Kiepsky's principal focus is to offer a product that users can maximize while being eco-friendly. 

1. They create products that their customers can use for as long as possible.
2. They only use natural-tanning methods to dye their leathers, while eliminating harsh toxins.
3. Their new packaging was created using recycled materials to help reduce paper wastes.
4. They continue to push towards using biodegradable and.or recyclable products and materials.
5. They always aim to minimize energy and waste consumption all throughout the entire manufacturing process.


I've been testing my wallet for almost a year now, and it hasn't failed me yet. I also like that the soft genuine leather showed reinforced stitches, making it an even more durable product. And despite the wear and tear, you'll know that Kiepsky won't disappoint you. 

If you're looking to spend on a product that will save you both on space and money (no need to replace your wallet every time), get yourself a Kiepsky wallet. It's unquestionably a good investment. Check their Facebook and Instagram accounts to know more about them. 

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Kiepsky's SlimTrim Wallet

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