#DubaiEATS Papaya Salad Restaurant: Your gateway to Asian cuisine

Vietnamese and Thai food are some of my favorite cuisines in Asia. So when my friend mentioned the Papaya Salad Restaurant in Dubai that served an Asian menu, I knew I had to try it.

I requested a bowl of Phó during my first visit. Papaya Salad's Phó, which is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup, was surprisingly good. The hot broth, which was served in a large bowl, tasted savory and full. The strips of beef were also tender and tasty. Paying 32 Dirhams for it was worth it.

Papaya Salad's version of the Indonesian dish, Nasi Goreng (my husband's choice), consisted of spicy rice, Chicken Satay, and a fried egg. It won us over in terms of taste because the flavors mixed into the rice had just the right amount of heat. The chicken was also tender and delicious. Plus, the serving size was large (can feed two people). Valued at 39 Dirhams, the dish was pricey but was worth ordering.

I'm also a sucker for fresh Spring Rolls. This Vietnamese rice paper roll, which comes with shrimp and chicken, is priced at 22 Dirhams. I could eat an entire plate of this if I didn't have to share.

On my second visit with my friend, I ordered their Chicken Pad Thai, which was good for two pax (priced at 30 Dirhams). Pad Thai is fried noodles cooked in a wok, and mixed with roasted peanuts with your choice of prawn, beef, chicken, and vegetable. The chicken was tender, and the noodle sauce had just the right tinge of sweetness. As I mentioned earlier, it can feed more than one person, so I wasn’t able to finish my meal. But it was delicious. It tasted so close to the one we ordered in Phuket, Thailand.

My friend (the one who recommended the restaurant) ordered a bowl of Tom Yam Noodle Soup. I wasn’t able to try it since I’m allergic to seafood. But she said that it was good (one of her favorites) and was hefty in serving. 

I highly recommend this restaurant, and also commend the very accommodating staff (most of them are Filipino). They made sure our complimentary basket of Chicharap, a Kropek-like snack, was always replenished.

Papaya Salad Restaurant is located at Emirates 6 Building, ABCD Block, Shop #15, Al Qusais, Dubai.

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  1. This post had me at Pho, Nasi Goreng and Spring Rolls! Nakakagutom ang aga aga! 😂 I wish they have branches near my place.

    1. When it's safe to go out again, you must visit them. Promise, worth it ang presyo sa quality ng pagkain nila. :)


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