Las Islas Lifestyle: A brand with a sense of community and love for cultural heritage preservation

I’ve known Aph for several years now, and since our first meeting did I realize we were going to be fast friends and the biggest supporters of each other’s ventures. Fast forward to 2020, Aph launched another social enterprise she named Las Islas Lifestyle - a lifestyle brand of Las Islas Travel and Tours. It was born as a response, through a business pivot, to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying uncertainties. 

Aph shared, “because of the pandemic, the global economy has gone down in record-low levels in history. Countries all over the world underwent lockdowns and quarantines, which affected the general demand for goods and services. Unemployment rates likewise increased, making it harder for people to get by. In the Philippines, among the most marginalized sectors in the local communities that were greatly affected are the traditional loom weavers of Antique and Iloilo in Western Visayas.”

At Las Islas Lifestyle, they believe in making a difference and changing the world in baby steps, which is why they thought of helping our immediate communities in Western Visayas at first. They are also looking into expanding their product portfolio and including artisanal items from all over the Philippines and are already in talks with suppliers from other parts of the country. 

For Las Islas Lifestyle, they currently have on-hand the following products: Panay Hablon facemasks, shawls, scarves, Patadyong, bags, purses, wallets, polo shirts, cardigans/jackets, and handkerchiefs. They also have products made from Abaca Silk fiber like bags, table runners, and placemats. They already sell handwoven fabrics made from organic materials like cotton, silk, and piña. These materials are all locally sourced from Antique and neighboring provinces in Western Visayas. 

Aside from these pre-made products, Las Islas Lifestyle also customize items depending on the client's specifications. "Our goal is to bring handcrafted products from Western Visayas and other Philippine islands straight to your home. Since travel is very limited, for now, allow us to bring Western Visayas closer to you," Aph said.

Being able to help the local community gives them a sense of purpose. And helping the community means they can make a difference in the lives of those around them. Through the products they create with their local partners like the loom weavers and seamstresses, they can help sustain their livelihoods and fuel the local economy. “A business without a sense of purpose has no direction. A business with no heart is not sustainable. At Las Islas, we always strive for purpose-driven and meaningful work. More than the income, it’s about the outcome. My ultimate dream for the Las Islas brand is to have our foundation/charitable institution/non-profit organization that would support our various advocacies in the community.”

You can help support our traditional loom weavers and seamstresses in Antique and Iloilo by purchasing their beautifully-made products from Las Islas Lifestyle. You can reach out to them via Instagram or Facebook.

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