Our drive-thru RT-PCR test experience at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

Traveling for work (a first in a long time) got me a bit anxious, especially when we were requested to do an ocular in Tarlac. I had to wear my mask and face shield mostly the entire day. But I can’t complain. Work is work, and I'm grateful for it. But before we could even proceed to our ocular, our client required that my team undergo an RT-PCR test first. It wasn’t the first time that I was getting one (my first one was at NAIA 3), so I already knew what to expect. But of course, the experience was still the same - uncomfortable.

My boss asked me to look for the most affordable test in Metro Manila, one that could deliver fast results. So I started researching and making inquiries from different hospitals and centers that offered the test. Luckily, a friend mentioned that her partner got recently tested via drive-thru at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. She said that it was one of the most affordable offers, and was also the fastest, as they got the result within 24 hours. Plus, it was the safest and most convenient way to get tested, as we only had to stay in the car while the medical professionals got our swab samples.

Unlike all the other institutions that I inquired from, Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center had the smoothest and most user-friendly appointment system. They also offered flexible payment schemes. So if you can’t pay online, you can always pay cash or card at the drive-thru counter.

1. Visit https://cghmc.com.ph/online/
2. Look for the ONLINE SERVICES tab and click COVID-19 AND OTHER. Choose Drive-Thru Booking if you’re opting for this.
3. Click the BOOK COVID-19 TEST NOW.
4. Fill- up the Case Investigation Form (DRIVE - THRU). It will comprise two parts: Patient Profile and Travel History.
5. COVID-19 PCR Laboratory Test Request Form (DRIVE-THRU)
6. Please select Service and choose Drive-Thru appointment request, and click Any Employee. Then submit your response and choose a date and time for your test. There will be different time slots per day, so get the closest ones if you’re also getting checked with other people in your household or office.
Once you're done, you will receive an email confirmation about your confirmed appointment. The message should contain the following:

* * * * * * *
Dear {NAME},

We have successfully APPROVED your CGHMC COVID-19 PCR Test scheduled on October 13, 2020 8:38 am.

Kindly proceed at our drive-thru section located on the right side of our main building entrance. Please see the picture below for your reference.

{Image sample pulled from CGHMC email}

Kindly be on time during your scheduled appointment. Prepare your payment (cash, credit card, or debit card). For patients availing of Senior Citizen or PWD discount, please present your ID at our cashier.

You may check the status of your results at https://cghmc.com.ph/online/booking/covid-19-pcr-test-result/ within 48hrs if Regular patients, 12 to 24 hours if PCR Stat - Express and 6-8 hours if Super Stat. Kindly keep your receipt as you need this to later to check your results online.

Thank you for choosing Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center. Stay safe!

* * * * * * *

The CGHMC website used to post their rates for every kind of test (depending on urgency and type). But two months ago, we selected the lowest-priced option: Regular Patient - 48 hours (results within two days) for P5,500 per person. It didn’t even take 24 hours to get our negative results because it was already available the next morning. 


We wanted to see if we can drive-thru 30 minutes earlier than our scheduled appointment, but the guards didn’t allow us as they had to control the number of cars inside the vicinity. But as soon as we entered the gate, we were approached by personnel in full PPE suit to get our names and identification cards to be issued new forms for signing. After that, we paid in cash and received separate invoices. 

We were probably in line for about 20 minutes before getting swabbed. It was uncomfortable but was a lot faster this time around. We left CGHMC as if nothing happened. It was the first time for my two teammates to undergo an RT-PCR test, but only one shared my painful experience. But all in all, the medical staff who tested us had light hands and were the nicest! We made sure to thank them for their service before leaving the parking lot.

I hope this recount helps, should you find the need to get tested, especially if you're preparing to travel soon (local or abroad). We found that the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center has one of the most competitive RT-PCR test rates in Manila. It's not cheap, but it's definitely at a much lower price point.

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