5 Fundamental Health Tips When Traveling By Air

There are plenty of ways to lessen your stress, especially when it comes to preparing for a trip and traveling from here on. You can minimize your worries by letting these 5 essential health tips in guiding you on your air travel.

Tip# 1: Don’t leave the house with an empty stomach

Eating at home before you leave helps save on buying food elsewhere. Leaving with a full stomach will also help you from passing out, as this gives you enough energy to surpass a few hours of travel. It wouldn’t hurt to pack some healthy snacks (healthy bars or sandwiches) instead of gorging on expensive airport food. Of course, if there's complimentary snacks on-board, then those will do as well. :)

Tip# 2: Know where you’re headed

It’s best to know where you’re going. Familiarizing on a certain airport terminal for instance, will assist you in locating the present food establishments within the area. You’ll get a heads up on where to dine, especially if you’re very particular about certain meals.

Tip# 3: Keep yourself hydrated

Almost all airport terminals will forbid you from bringing in bottles of water. So how do you keep yourself hydrated during your air travel? Carry with you an empty bottle and have these refilled after checking in. Hydrating keeps you from experiencing fatigue. That’s one health tip that you shouldn’t forget.

Tip #4: Always take your vitamins

If you’re strapped on time, make sure that you’ve pre-packed your vitamins. You can always drink these when you’re waiting for your plane or when you’ve finally boarded. It would also be convenient on your end to pack vitamin packets that are water-soluble. Vitamins will certainly keep you resistant from potential ailments during your travel.

Tip# 5: Get some sleep before you travel

It pays to get that much needed snooze time especially when you’re off to a long haul flight. Getting enough sleep will help keep you from getting cranky or agitated during your travel. Apart from that, it would also help to carry with you some earplugs, eye mask or even a neck pillow to help ease of the stress from flying.

How about you? Care to share your health tip during air travel?

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  1. Pal is the only airline giving out snacks, last time was yogurt and water. We have actually the same regimen when traveling. But in my case, since I travel a lot with my four kids, it's a little tricky most of the time we don't eat before leaving home, since time is crucial if you have a big company, we end up eating inside the airport though we have baon...heheh

  2. I think the trip time is also important to determine how you space your meals.

  3. God willing maayos na passport ko then it's travel tiime for me anak and your tips will come in very handy. I'll take noticed of your tip #3.

  4. I always take the first flight in the morning and the first thing we do in the airport is to stuff ourselves before boarding. We also hydrate and I usually don't sleep while traveling as I don't want to miss any moment while on board. :D

  5. Thanks for the tips. I usually don't have a problem getting sleep in the plane but on my recent trip, I felt really exhausted because I couldn't sleep at all.

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  7. I prefer flying in the morning talaga. It's always a good time for me. I also make sure that I bring less so I can relax while I wait for my destination :D

  8. just be sure to get the menu from the crew when you are traveling in a long distance place where you will take meals, and inform him/her your preferred meal specially when you have certain restrictions on your diet


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