My Ipanema Sandals --- My constant travel companion since 2010

I used to buy several pairs of Havaianas slippers back in the day. But I stopped purchasing when my umpteenth pair's strap broke after just three months. The 'life expectancy' for this specific brand was really short-lived. I mean, I never even used it for running or jogging. So it was a constant battle having to endure those unexpected breaks whenever I wore those sandals on the road. That's when I decided to try a different brand, and got myself Ipanema's New Temas AD flat sandals in black and silver.

White Island, Camiguin --- November 2010 

At first, I was a bit skeptic about buying a pair that was more expensive than my previous Havaianas sandals (a little over PHP1,000). But when it lasted for almost a year of no breakage, I felt like I've finally snagged the perfect slippers. My first Ipanema's lasted for about two years before finally giving in to its new replacement. The straps of my first pair was actually still attached to the footwear. But the soles were heavily damaged, given all the walking-running-trekking that it endured through the years. That was the only time that I retired my old ones for my new 'kicks'. =P 

My beau actually took the liberty of getting me a new pair for my birthday last year, which he had a hard time finding since my favorite style was always out of stock. So I was super elated when he got me the same style, but with a slightly different design on it. Nonetheless, it was still the same comfy and snug flat sandals that I've worn since 2010. I still loved every bit of it!

Why I love my Ipanema New Temas AD flat sandals

I'm wide-footed, so I usually don't buy footwear that would restrain my feet when walking (especially when I travel). So when I first slipped into a pair of Ipanema New Temas AD, it was like a Cinderella moment. It fit me perfectly, and it had just the right smoothness and width! I mean, I could walk on it all day and not get blisters. Now, it may have a very rigid look. But if you get the chance to look at it closely, you'll see that it's made of a slightly soft rubber material. It has this certain cushion by the heel that makes it a comfy companion. 

Crisologo Museum, Vigan, Ilocos Sur --- June 2012 (still using my first pair here!)

Other than the whole feel of the flat sandals, I also loved its two-tone combination. I've always loved the simplicity that black and silver exudes. But both also show a certain sophistication to it. But other than that, I could easily pair these slippers with anything (may it be shorts or pants), and could wear it anywhere (my Ipanema's have gone as far as Singapore and Vietnam). It was that versatile.

Blue Pavilion Beach Resort, Infanta, Quezon --- May 2013 (taken weeks after my foot cast was removed)

I really love this certain style from Ipanema. But if given the chance to try other designs, I would definitely buy some. The brand has truly proven itself as a durable product. So I'm quite assured that their items are built to last.

How about you? Do you own a pair of slippers that you wear almost everywhere you go? I'm actually thinking about buying a new style from Zalora because Christmas has definitely come early with Zalora's Christmas Bazaar. I might just get myself an early gift this year, as they certainly have some of the loveliest Ipanema pairs and a whole lot of other products! So you might want to get yourself a pair too, in time for the holidays. :) 

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  1. We love Ipanemas, it's our official flip flops :) if you were building an SB mug empire, Summer does for this stylish Brazilian flip flops.

  2. Cute!!! Kung pwede lang magCollect ng Ipanemas... but ok ako sa paisa-isa muna.. hehe! :)

  3. Envy your Ipamena slipper, kung saan-saan na nakarating. My spartan sandals are not that travel-happy pair. Hangang alabang lang. Baka kasi maligaw sila. LOL


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