Biliran Island: A Quality Lodging For P2,000 Only At Agta Beach Resort

I didn't have a hard time searching for a lodging in Biliran Island, especially one that's located by the beach. So when AGTA BEACH RESORT popped into the search engine, I knew it was what I was looking for. 

It was the first week of November when my friend and I traveled in some areas of Eastern Visayas. I flew to Tacloban via PAL Express, and went straight to Biliran Island with Coreene. Her father drove us to the Van-Van Tours terminal (straight from the airport), where a shuttle van took us directly to the Municipality of Naval. It took us around 2 1/2 hours on the road before reaching Biliran's capital. 


We didn't have a hard time finding a ride going to Agta Beach Resort since there were plenty of tricycles around. Plus, we were able to haggle the price of a one-way trip to just P200. The resort was actually a bit far from Naval (30 minutes). So I thought that the cost was just right.

Our check-in was smooth, as a room was already made available despite our early arrival. Melo, one of the owner's who I was in constant communication with prior to our trip, was already there to welcome us. 

Our well-ventilated room, which cost us P2,000 for one night, was spacious and clean. We were also provided with a lot of things such as...

  • A built-in wall cabinet that could accommodate 2 large rucksack bags 
  • A table and two chairs
  • A comfortable bed with clean sheets and soft pillows
  • A/C that blasted cool air plus a ceiling fan 
  • A clean bathroom (and toilet) with hot and cold shower
  • A cable-installed TV 
  • Ample lighting
  • Complimentary towels
  • A Holy Bible


I wanted to rest for a bit since I've been traveling all morning since I got to Tacloban. But Coreene already wanted to eat brunch. That's when we ordered some food at the resort's restaurant --- Agta Beach Cafe. We picked a lovely spot by the beach, under a nice tree shade. 

Our grilled food took so long to cook. But it was worth the wait, as what they served to us where quite tasty. The lady at the restaurant brought our orders all the way to our table by the beach. Also, our meals cost us just P183 each.

Coreene and I wanted to eat dinner right after getting back from our day tour. But we wanted to try elsewhere. So we crossed over to Agta's resort neighbor --- VRC Resort. Here, we were able to order some grilled fish for a shared cost of P310. 


The beach had a short shoreline. But it was clean and beautiful nonetheless. Plus, the waters were always calm. I never once saw a wave come right to us. It was kind of weird but relaxing all at the same time. Anyway, Coreene and I didn't get the chance to swim. We just lounged by the seashore until it was time for us to leave.


Coreene and I got a half-day tour on our first day in Agta for only P350 each (inclusive of 2 waterfalls, Iyusan Rice Terraces, 2 Motorcycles, Gas, 4 Coconut drinks and guide fee).

We also availed of another half-day tour the next day, which cost us P600 each (inclusive of 1 Motorcycle, Tinago Falls, Gas and guide fee). 


All in all, our stay at Agta Beach Resort was a pleasant one. We were always greeted by the owners and staff, and were well taken care of during our guided tours. Moreover, the resort was clean and well-maintained. So we definitely enjoyed our time there. I made the right decision to book them for our 2-day stay, as I really got my money's worth. It's definitely a beach haven that's worth traveling to when you're in Biliran Island.

Special thanks to Melo for being so nice and accommodating, and to his father for letting us hitch a free ride from their resort all the way to Lemon Junction. And to his cousin, Kuya Robert (I hope I got his name right) for providing us with well-guided tours around Biliran. It was a pleasure having met all of you! Until our next trip there. :)

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