Relaxation After Travel: Klinec Nail and Body Spa - A spa destination in Quezon City

When my friend got married in Lingayen, Pangasinan last April, I failed to get my nails done in time for the event. I was rushing to get some work done, so I managed to just cut my nails, and dab them with natural nail polish. I wasn't part of the entourage. But it would've been better if I got myself made up a little bit. Oh, if I only knew that I was going to be the last person to get the bouquet (and you know what comes next to that --- putting the garter into my unkept feet and into my leg!). I definitely yearned for a nice spa session right after that nerve-wracking surprise! 

Anyway, when an invitation to review a nail and body spa was sent my way, it was definitely something that I couldn't say no to. It came at an opportune time as well since I just came from a camping trip in Calaguas. And you know what they say... travelers also need to get pampered every once in a while.

I just came back from Calaguas, Camarines Norte. So I unintentionally brought with me a dusty-sandy set of nails and feet. I guess, that's what camping by the beach does to you. But that wasn't all. I felt like there was still dirt attached on my feet even after washing them. Then again, all of those problems were wiped clean as soon as I got pampered at Klinec Nail and Body Spa (Klinec is a foreign name for 'nail'). 


I wasn't able to talk to Ms. Jichelle right away, as she looked busy organizing stuff around for Klinec's gathering. But when I finally had the chance to interview her, I asked about her humble beginnings.

Through our short but meaningful conversation, I was able to find out that Ms. Chua is just 23 years old. She graduated with a degree in Nursing. But managed to shift career paths by putting up her own spa business. She's always enjoyed indulging in various spa services, thus her desire to venture into her own nail and body spa. But when asked if she's still able to apply some of what she learned back in school, she didn't hesitate by saying yes. She could still put into practice some of the techniques that she learned (i.e. what procedures aren't fit to be used for clients that have high-blood, etc.), which was quite amazing.

I also found out that Klinec just celebrated its first year in business, as Ms Jichelle and her business partner Ms. Caroline Chuateco (Ms. Chua's Aunt) opened their doors last May 3, 2013. Their venture is actually flourishing, as it simply reflects on their impressive list of clients and more (i.e. local celebrities, singers and other famous personalities).  


The first thing that I noticed upon entering the spa were the upholstered turquoise chairs, which to me, looked like modern thrones. And when you finally sit on one, you'll definitely feel relaxed like a queen (or king!). It was very much comfy and well structured for the back. 

But aside from the chairs, I also noticed Klinec's roomy space. There was definitely a lot of legroom to go around for both clients and spa attendants. So you won't feel like you're getting pampered in a very crowded room. The arrangement itself was definitely well-thought-out.

After our quick meet and greet, my fellow bloggers and I were taken around the 2-story building. The 2nd-floor housed curtain-divided rooms that were used for massages and facials. A separate room was also provided for those wanting to avail of Klinec's Radio Frequency and/or Cryo-Meso treatments.

Top Photo [L-R: Massage Room,  Facial]
Bottom Photo: RF Treatment Room

The ground floor of Klinec housed the usual nail services. That's where I lounged throughout my entire stay. I was advised to try their signature massage. But I chose to try their hand and foot services instead.


When it was my turn to choose which services to try, I knew I had to try their hand and foot packages.

Complimentary hot tea for all clients (one of the best sweet-tasting hot teas that I've tasted by far!)

The package that I chose for my feet started with a Jelly Soak. My tan feet were immersed in hot water, which was soon mixed with a green jelly substance. It was also sprinkled with salt (to help dissolve the jelly) right after a couple of minutes. Soon after, my feet were whisked for a quick foot scrub. The scrubbing effect on the soles of my feet definitely took out all the Calaguas dust-and-sand! Of course, nothing beats being scrubbed twice with some lotion this time around. 

After the scrubbing, my feet and legs were soon washed with water and was massaged yet again. My tired legs definitely appreciated the pressures that Ate Melanie pushed on on my aching joints and veins. And when she was done, she immediately prepared my feet for some paraffin wax treatment. 


I definitely needed some paraffin wax treatment (find out the benefits of Paraffin Wax HERE), especially for my right hand --- as it has been aching a lot (due to long hours of working and typing on the computer). But the process itself looked really weird. I suddenly remembered how it resembled my moments as a child when my siblings and I would play with hot candle wax. We'd drop some on our hands, and whine as to how the pain stings. Well, just imagine the same thing, only with a little more intensity to it. Imagine covering your hands and feet with this white material. I actually had mine covered and soaked for several minutes. Until my feet and hands were wrapped in plastic and cloth mittens (this takes around 10-15 minutes). The treatment did relieve my work-battered hands at some point. But the massage thereafter was just the cherry on top.

When my paraffin wax treatment was done, Ate Melanie handed me over to Ate Rose and Aisa, as they were assigned to do my mani and pedi. I'm very particular when it comes to having my nails and cuticles cut by strangers. But this time, both women did a great job. I didn't flinch when they were doing my nails nor did they finish the job with me having bloody fingers afterwards. They successfully cleaned my nails, and was able to complete my look by putting on some of Orly's "Angel Face" nail polish. I really loved the nude tone, as it definitely complemented my very tan hands and feet. I heard that Orly is a great nail polish brand, so I'm happy that they chose to use that on me. 


I commend the spa attendants of Klinec (8 ladies in total), especially the ones that worked their magic on me. Ate Melanie, who was quite the PR person, also knew what she was talking about. She knew how to sell their products and services without rubbing it too much on you. 

NOTE: Klinec also offers exclusive Privilege cards (Slim Card, Nail Card, Skin Care Card, Body Spa Card). When you avail of their set packages, you will be able to get select complimentary services for 3-6 months. 

I also liked Ate Rose and Aisa --- the two lovely ladies who did my nails. They were kind enough to answer all of my nail polish queries, and smiled all throughout the session. They were very light people to talk with.

But what I was more amazed was the dynamics of the group. I loved the fact that Ms. Jichelle was able to kid around with her staff, which to me was very nice. I love how a boss can show his/her respect for the people that work for them. It shows that they care enough to have a real and personal interaction with their employees. There was a genuine camaraderie, and that to me was quite commendable. No wonder Klinec has so much positive energy going around. So I'm certain that the spas success will definitely achieve a great deal.

Photo-op with Ms. Jichelle Chua (in red dress), her cousin Gianna Atienza, and her 7 lovely spa attendants. :)

So thank you again Klinec Nail and Body Spa, especially to Ms. Jichelle Chua. You guys have been very professional and accommodating. I'm definitely coming back to try your other services. :)

Explore & Be Free,

Klinec Nail and Body Spa
Owner/Manager: Ms. Jichelle Chua 
Address: 24-D Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. 0935-5455718 / 02-4128101
Social Media Accounts: Facebook & Instagram
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 10 PM

*Spa rates can be viewed here: Klinec 1, Klinec 2, Klinec 3, Klinec 4, Klinec 5, Klinec 6.

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  1. Gusto ko yung kulay ng chair nila! Kulay dagat ♥♥♥

    Haha excited na ko sa spa-date natin hihi

  2. Ah, true teh! You'll enjoy sitting on it, comfy talaga siya and very cool to the eyes. :) Check mo yung spa rates (nasa bottom part ng blog post). Para malaman mo na kung anong pwede mong ipagawa. :) Dalhin ko muna si Rubel for a massage, then date naman tayong dalawa. :P

  3. Yup nakita ko na. Affordable ang rates! I love it! :))

    Sige ako next hihi

  4. Next in line lang ang peg.. hehe! :)

  5. Oh lalal! maybe they can have another spa session? Id love to try this! :-)

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  7. Tara mag spa session tayo sa Klinec! :)


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