Start a travel revolution through better and efficient public transport with BIYAHEROES!

Booking an airplane ticket and getting freebies with it is quite rare these days, especially with our choice of low cost carriers in the Philippines (i.e. Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, PAL Express), where food, seats and specialty items are paid at an additional cost. But have you tried booking for a round trip bus ticket that offered extra stuff without any charges? You bet it exists, and it can be found via Biyaheroes -- a website that lets you book and choose your bus seats. With Biyaheroes, you’ll no longer experience long lines and unsure departure times. You won’t even need to visit any of the partner bus terminals just to reserve your tickets because you can do it all online!

After a year of planning, what started as a 3-man team (composed of Mirra, Ace and Richeve), eventually grew with five more brilliant minds (Vinse, John Lenon, Beverly, Kelly and Romar). Biyaheroes was finally created into life -- a company that’s passionate about making public transport and local travel better and easier for everyone. They’ve already been operational with Partas for six months, but have only officially launched to the public last March 2, 2016. 

If you’re a commuter who also loves to travel, then you’ll surely appreciate the services provided by Biyaheroes. With the newest booking platform, Biyaheroes lets you reserve the same way you book airplane tickets. Passengers get to choose their preferred seats, select freebies (i.e. T-shirt, Tumbler, Umbrella), and receive perks at no additional cost. You can even earn points, and pay via major banks and payment centers (i.e. Cebuana Lhuiller, LBC, Bayad Center, M. Lhuiller). Now, a credit card option may not be available at the moment. But it will be eventually rolled out in a few weeks time.

So, how does the payment process work? At a fixed rate of 10% service charge or P50 for bookings below P500, Biyaheroes gives a mileage of convenience, points, and freebies to passengers that book online and via Facebook. They also offer an integrated online system that makes it easier for passengers and bus operators to book and monitor their reservations, which helps assure that double booking of seats will not occur.

Now, to test the Biyaheroes service for myself, I booked a mock bus ticket (to use as a Biyaheroes launch pass). The website, which was creatively designed, was a user-friendly platform. I was able to choose my preferred date, seat and freebie without a hitch. As soon as I finished my booking, a real-time confirmation was sent to both my email and cell phone number. I was able to get my voucher details right away. NOTE that you can also book as early as six months to two days in advance before departure.

The team behind Biyaheroes is also grateful to have two of the biggest bus companies in the Philippines, as both continue to support and believe in their vision. They have partnered with Partas Transport, particularly for trips bound to and fro Abra, Pagudpud, Laoag, Vigan, Pasay, Cubao and Manila (Sampaloc). They’ve also recently tied up with JAC Liner, which plies daily to Mauban, Marinduque, Kamias, and Buendia LRT.

According to Mirra Reyes, Co-founder of Biyaheroes, their goal is to hopefully serve all the commuters. They also aim to remove the stigma from the people when it comes to commuting. They want daily travelers to know that taking a trip is easier now because of modernized procedures. Furthermore, they aim to tie up with more bus lines and merchants, and offer more routes, destinations and features soon. 

They shared that “the best way to fall in love with the Philippines is to experience it. Biyaheroes fights for the right to explore our beautiful country with ease and convenience. We are starting a travel revolution by first making public transport better and more efficient for everyone. 

And our mission doesn't stop there.

Gusto naming buhayin ang pagmamahal sa lupang sinilangan sa pamamagitan ng paglalakbay. (We want to revive the love for our native land by traveling).

Our ultimate squad goal is to provide everything needed for a great local adventure. We want to make tourism better and more sustainable for everyone with modern technologies and bayanihan. Biyaheroes taps into our local potential and creates a comprehensive travel platform that’s safe, trusted, and wonderful.

And I couldn’t agree more!

Explore & Be Free!

Contact #: (02) 507-8656

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