The day we received our COVID-19 PCR-test results

It has been four days since we arrived in Manila from Dubai, and it has been a long journey. Finally, home sweet home! 

As of today, we continue to await our results for our COVID-19 PCR-tests, which we are praying becomes negative. Hopefully, that’s in the next few days or less. And if you were to ask how I am, I would say that I feel okay. I still feel tired, but that’s probably from the long trip. But in totality, I feel great. I might be cooped up in my hotel room in Fairmont Makati, but there’s nothing to complain about. We are all looked after, as we get three meals a day without fail. 

I’m also happy that my room is spacious. I get to adjust my morning views every day just by pulling the blackout curtains that drape from the ceiling to the floor. There’s also cable TV, where I get to hear mass and get news updates.

My bed, which looks like a king-size bed, is also very comfortable to sleep in. My pillows are soft with the right texture to it. So far, I have been sleeping well, other than the occasional afternoon naps. I guess my body is still adjusting to the time difference and from our long haul travel.

It love the bathroom too, with all its complimentary toiletries, disinfectant sprays and dishwashing soap. I also tried the bathtub for the first time and stayed submerged for several minutes. The warm water helped relax my muscles. I also love the work desk provided inside the room because it had the right height along with its cushioned chair. The entire setup had encouraged me to write again. 

It also helped that I had a window to look out to because it allowed ample sunlight to enter the room, despite the recent days being gloomy. Oh, how I missed watching the rainfall. We barely had any in Dubai and Sharjah, or anywhere in the UAE. As rain can be sad to some, it can also bring joy and a sense of relaxation to people like me. I missed the rain, and I’m glad to witness it again. 

While all of this is relaxing, I also wish to go home soon. We are praying hard that we get our COVID-19 results soon, and hope that it’s both negative. I’m just grateful to God for all the blessings and for getting us through all the hardships. We are almost at our last destination. Thank you, Lord!


I have been hearing people singing outside. There is probably a Videoke bar nearby, as James Ingram’s 'Just Once' was being sung. It may be a song about making things right between lovers, but the artist was one of my father's favorite songs. So this must be his way of saying welcome home, kid. I am sure my dad and my grandparents in heaven prayed for our safe travel back to Manila.

UPDATE: As of 5:30 PM today, my swab test confirmed that I am Negative for SARS-CoV-2! Rubel received the same email from the Philippine Red Cross, and we both feel grateful to have heard such great news! It definitely takes an immense burden off of our shoulders. Praise the Lord for such great blessings!!! Tomorrow, we are finally homeward bound.

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