2015: A Rollercoaster adventure of what was and what will be

2015 has been a rollercoaster of emotions: physically, mentally and financially. Nevertheless, I tried for the bad things to never get the best of me. Thankfully, I was still blessed with a few travels this year, some of which have helped rejuvenate my weary soul.

Siem Reap, Cambodia (May 2015)

This year, I am grateful for old and new friends who I've met on the road and who've kept me sane. I am thankful for the people who've been around, especially when things got a little too difficult for me to handle. 

I am also grateful for my fiancé, Rubel, who I'm finally engaged to after 8 years. He may be 4,290 miles away from me. But he continues to be the same man who I fell in love with. It's because of his sacrifices that I've gained a better understanding and appreciation of our OFWs. He's already spent two Christmases and New Years in Dubai, away from everyone that he loves. He's also missed so many significant events because of his work, yet he's never complained. He stayed grateful and positive, and continued to be generous and loving. He continued to look after his loved ones despite his daily struggles abroad. And for that, he embodied what being strong and smart truly meant. He is remarkable. He is my hero. I look forward to the day that we will no longer celebrate any event or milestone apart.

Me and Rubel in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia (May 2015)

Despite a tumultous year, I am still grateful for a lot of things. So ending 2015 will not be complete without thanking the many people who have generously provided opportunities for me to travel for free. Building a wonderful relationship with all of you has made me a better travel blogger today.

Capiz Familiarization Tour (September 2015)

Lakhambini has also reached greater heights in 2015, and I couldn't feel any prouder for experiencing such a great year as a start-up venture. I am also thankful to my clients who believed in my vision, whom eventually became my friends. Thank you for making this passion project a big success.

My gorgeous friends wearing Lakhambini shoes during a weekend escape at Zambawood (August 2015)

I may not have traveled much this year, but I am beyond grateful for all of the great opportunities that were given to me. And as I bid 2015 adieu, let me wish all of you a brighter and prosperous 2016. From my family to yours, a Happy New Year, Biyaheras and Biyaheros!

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