Fifth Leg -- Last day in lovely HKG!

{Trip last April 2010} On the fifth leg of our trip, we decided to visit Stanley Beach. The bus trip from Central to Stanley Bay was about an hour’s worth. And since we were scheduled to go back to MNL that night, the little time we had left in HKG was really scheduled. 

It was raining that morning so the breeze was extra chilly. Nonetheless, it was the perfect weather, and we were in a perfect place to have brunch, on our last day in HKG. Not only was Stanley Bay a beautiful place, but it also exuded a relaxing mood. And despite the expensive bill that was tabbed for our Italian meals, we truly thought that Pizza and Lasagna was worth our money. 

Spending half the day in Stanley Bay was the most perfect way to end the trip. And should I go back to HKG anytime soon, I’ll make sure to spend more time in this serene place.

DAY 5 (in HK)
9 AM -                Leave Hotel – take Yau Ma Tei MTR to Central MTR -  HK$ 10.50
10:30 -               Walk to Central Exchange Square
                          *Bus Terminal to Stanley -  HK$ 7.90 (one-way only)
11:30 -12 NN -             Stanley Arrival and BRUNCH
                         *Brunch and budget @ Pizza Express Stanley Beach  HK$122/each pax (2    
                          pasta + pizza + drinks)
1-2:30 PM -      Shopping at Stanley Bay Market
3-4 PM -           Head back to Hotel
4:30 PM -         Ride A21 bus from Mongkok
                          *Rode Taxi to Mongkok from hotel -  HK$25
5:30 PM -         AIRPORT ARRIVAL
6PM -                 DINNER at Popeye’s (inside airport) -  HK$51
7:30-8:30 -        Duty-Free Shopping
8:30-9 PM -      Waiting Area
9:30-10 PM-      Boarding
11:40 PM -       MANILA ARRIVAL

Hope you enjoyed my shared stories! And as usual, here's the complete (and compiled version) TRAVEL EXPENSE SHEET to help you on your future trip to HKG-MFM-SZX! Til the next adventure.

Explore & Be Free!

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  1. I want to visit HKG super soon! :D I want to enjoy their food and go crazy shopping for clothes and accessories! Dami daw magaganda sa HKG for affordable prices.

  2. aayi... parang gusto ko na talaga mag HK kaso kulang pa ang pera hahaha...

  3. HK looks so clean judging from your! :D that's what I immediately saw on your schedule...hihi

  4. what a beautiful last day to spend in Hong Kong, beautiful pictures too Sis :-) I have never been in Hong Kong, maybe someday :-) 

  5. Thanks for excel file on the expenses! It's useful. I want to visit HK in the future! :) 

  6. Looks like you had fun! Thanks btw for sharing your itinerary. This would definitely help as I plan to go before December. Hope to see more from you. ;)

  7. You're right Sumi! There are a lot of bargain shops in HKG especially at the Ladies Night Market. It's like Divisoria but way better. :)

  8. Ipon ipon pa, Axl! :)

  9. Hi Chan! Yes, shopping was indeed on my list. It's really cheap in HKG in terms of shopping. :)

  10. You will love HKG sis! :)

  11. You should visit HKG soon. You won't regret it. I've been there twice but I always long for another visit. :)

  12. You're welcome. :) Do share your HKG adventure soon! :)

  13. kainggit ang taong to, lage na lang lakwatsa :P penge ng souvenir minsan :D

  14. I'm hoping to include HK on my next tour. Probably next year!

  15. heheheh! Oo ba sir! Pa-contest ako minsan ng travel loot, sali ka! :)

  16. You should sis! HKG is really a great destination. :)


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